We are your partner for highly innovative, digital, green products for pest control. Our entire product range is sustainably produced in Germany and meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We deliver not just a product, but a holistic concept, so that the consequent change to digital and sustainable pest prevention is as easy as pie for you.

Despite our long tradition, we work like a start-up - with a clear philosophy, in which we make no compromises.

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Daniel Schröer and Oliver Klute. 



Futura's mission is to digitize the pest control industry and take large share of the analogue service businesses in this field who's business heavily relies on sending technicians to pest control monitoring boxes of their clients, then taking actions.

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We want to digitize every box worldwide with IoT sensors and cameras. With this big data and AI we can detect pest occurrence earlier, automated and send pest managers to just the locations in which they're needed.

Thanks to this tech we can
1) decrease the amount of toxins used by hundreds of tons,
2) decrease the useless working time for technicians as over 95% of boxes never show activity of pest. Further
3) we want to decrease the millions of miles and kilometers as well as the hours, technicians drive around to these boxes.

= With this we're making pest control more sustainable, more professional and more efficient. It's really the best thing since sliced bread.


Futura has a strong foundation, of which every detail matters for the big picture.

Business to Consumer: So why did we also create Futura-Shop.de our D2C pest control Webshop? And why did we create Greenhero.de a pest control, hygiene and animal health Amazon business?

Because we want to democratize the way consumers receive pest control products and services.
We want you to buy your smart IoT trap via amazon or our Webshop just like you buy a new lamp for your garden.

For this we needed to master b2c strategies and business operations as well as logistics.
Both of our above b2c brands were built for the big picture as a start-up with Futura as the incubator. Both are bootstrapped 100% and very fast growing with other great analog products and over 2M€ sales just in 2020.



Now in 2021, we're able to use this structure, expertise and our agile teams to scale IoT pest control worldwide.

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You can service the boxes yourself and save cost or have international pest providers service them for you, as we offer lean online trainings for them, cost-free.

Through this we manage pests more efficiently, more sustainable and break your prices down measurably as well compared to regular pest control contracts.

Great IoT products, made in Germany, via Amazon or Webshops at a great price, serviced by professionals or by yourself for a better world.


OUR GOAL - our vision

We work tirelessly on new, better products that our partners love, revolutionizing pest control. We want to substitute poisons 100% - in the name of cost efficiency and environmental protection.

No poisons, no pest control? Yes, you can! Our sister company Biotec-Klute is one of the leading service providers in Germany and works exclusively with Futura products for major customers in the food, pharmaceutical, logistics industries and in food retailing. Medium-sized companies and international market leaders have already followed our example. Futura's vision is finally reality in 2020.

Join us on our journey and become our partner.

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Our mission was clear from the very beginning: we want to make sustainable and toxin-free pest control possible. While official food standards and legislation quite rightly tolerate toxins less and less, our products offer completely new solutions. These include strong, digital traps that kill pests quickly and painlessly and non-toxic technology for prevention and monitoring.



We can afford to plan in decades instead of quarters. Since 2006, we have believed in digitalization in pest control and have long been alone in this. But we did not let go of our goal.

We still run our own innovation lab today and are pleased that our products are now in use worldwide.

Oliver Klute.- Futura Germany
Sarah Gorilla Traps


Some of our customers have been with us for a quarter of a century - a lot of time to grow together and achieve goals. This is precisely why we want to recognize special hygiene and pest control achievements and achieve much more together.



"We can't do without innovation."

The name "Futura" is our programme. Our products are "future-proof" and we never stop working on them. We are known for our drive for innovation and there is hardly any other company in Germany that implements so many innovative solutions and is thus operationally on the market.

That should never change - we still have a lot planned!

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We are really curious. We want to get to know you and get to know your questions and challenges - only then can we help you with the right solutions in the end.

It is also our curiosity that drives us to innovation. "How can we make it even better?" can be heard daily in the corridors of our office.

And that's exactly how we want it to be. Curious questioning has been a tradition with us for 17 years.


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