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We are the market leader for highly innovative, digital and green products for pest control. Our entire product range is produced in Germany and meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We don't just deliver a product, but a holistic concept so that the change to digital and sustainable pest prevention succeeds with success.


Futura's mission is to make the pest control industry more sustainable and digitize it using IoT solutions. In 2030, we will manage millions of sensors, cameras and digital traps in pest boxes worldwide with you. With big data and Artificial Intelligence, we can automatically detect the presence of pests and send pest controllers exactly where they are needed.

Thanks to IoT, we can reduce the amount of rodenticides used by up to 98%, make on-site labor time more efficient as only 5% of boxes have pest activity, we also aim to reduce the millions of miles and miles and hours technicians travel to these boxes. So together we make pest control more sustainable, more efficient, and save you money.



Our end user web store is the oldest and leading store for pest control products for your home. Curated with over 30 years of experience from leading professional pest controllers and worldwide experience. The products are characterized by being as sustainable as possible and being highly effective against pests. You'll find in-depth explainer videos and blogs on every pest problem in your home.


Thanks to our knowledge of toxins, we also know how to avoid them. GreenHero focuses since 2014 on natural care products on the pet, whether dog, cat or horse. Hundreds of thousands of sales and No. 1 bestselling titles on Amazon across Europe stand for the success of the brand.

Futura business areas

Analog Professional Products

Brands such as Nara® monitoring products,Gorilla Traps®, RatCap® rat blockers, GreenHero® sprays and more allow professionals to forgo poisons and use sustainable products that are just as efficient in the industry as they are at the end user. These products reduce toxins and control pests highly efficiently. For a change from a chemical industry to smart and sustainable pest control.

Digital Professional Products

With eMitter®, we invented the first digital IoT mousetrap in 2006 and have since sold 6-figure units worldwide to leading professionals. With our eMitter® Internet-of-Things products, Made in Germany, we can help pest controllers and your customers worldwide to work more efficiently, thanks to 24-7 - 365 days monitoring directly to your cell phone. eMitter® stands for highly innovative hardware and software, highest security and quality you can rely on. The cameras, traps and sensors digitally monitor everything: mice boxes, rat boxes with bait or with trap, cockroach boxes, moth boxes, stored product pests, UV light traps, bed bugs, termites, wildlife and much more - agile with artificial intelligence for scaled, international application. eMitter® is shaping the present and future of our pest control industry.


As a strong family business, we operate independently from investors and can afford to think in the long term in decades. We operate from Germany in over 60 countries with a team of about 40 employees and are growing very strongly. Our customer relationships are the basis for our success, so we are especially proud of our customers and the sometimes decades-long relationship. We are convinced that Futura's vision and products, coupled with our solid values, will lead us to shape the "change" in our industry in the decades to come and are therefore very pleased to be working with you.


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