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Trade with pest control professional products in the DACH region. Toxins do not really work anymore. Environmental consequences still completely unknown/de minimized. We were looking for more efficient methods.




Instead of poisons we used traps. Enormous control effort for daily checks (animal welfare). The birth of the digital mouse trap as a prototype. Also the birth of BMS - the digital documentation system from our sister company Biotec. Maybe a world novelty, but in any case a pioneering achievement, which today is standard in the professional segment. Futura sets the foundation stones and builds the vision for the next 20 years.


Galileo report on the digitisation of our sector. Establishment of major customers in Germany with our first digital traps, which auditors and customers were enthusiastic about. We knew this was our future and we were pioneers out of idealism.




We build the biggest mousetrap in the world and it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Worldwide attention in TV and newspapers. The idea came from Daniel Schröer - at that time still in high school - the family friend of founder Oliver Klute, who started working for Futura in 2013 and has been running the business with Oliver since 2016.


Tunnel traps, boxes, traps, bait - we try to professionalize trapping and buy products worldwide, test them with our partners and find out that the perfect solution does not exist yet. Futura launches the first B2C shop www.futura-shop.de and generates first sales online.




What is called IoT (Internet of Things) today was then called M2M (Machine to Machine) communication. Futura invested large sums in gateways, research projects and more for "eMitter Pro" - today still the bestseller for the big industry for digital traps. The plague control industry shakes its head and thinks founder Oliver Klute is "crazy". Some years later the same people buy digital traps and more from Futura.


Nutella in traps? How about a professional solution? The birth of NARA® - today an international bestseller, sold millions of times. Futura invested again in development, tool making and production in Germany. The first NARAs were presented under the Edialux brand at a trade fair in Benelux and were sold to over 10 countries in the first year.




SWOPBOX - the first hygienic box for traps, digital sensors and synthetic baits from Futura, made for the food industry. Again the same order: first smiled at, but then quickly sold thousands of times and recommended by the IFS and AIB, it stands for a new kind of plague control, an innovation from Futura.


The company still has high development costs. Sales in the USA are being investigated at the invitation of world market leader Orkin. High hopes for worldwide success, millions of digital traps. But reality teaches us that "good things come in slow". Orkin is still 100% analog today. An image of our conservative sector.




Full speed ahead. Daniel Schröer joins the company and together with Oliver Klute builds up international sales and together they further develop the digital products.


Success. Futura doubles its turnover. Money is there and has to be reinvested as Futura has many ideas and wants to/must implement them because the demands are high. Futura goes to fairs all over Europe and exhibits its products. Partnerships with leading companies such as Mitie UK or Anticimex begin.




Introduction of the own eMitter Cloud in Germany as a mammoth project, after Futura had previously worked with an Israeli partner The friendship with the Israeli company still exists today. Futura wins Best Product Awards from Pest Magazine and attracts worldwide attention in magazines and newsletters.


NARA is growing: meat, fish, chocolate and mango flavours are added to the still most popular NARA flavour: vanilla. In addition - after many years of research and development - Futura brings out a new family member "Gorilla Traps", the world's first §18 IfSG certified, humane trap for mice and rats.
And, Futura launches eMitter Outdoor. The first fully digital rat trap, after Futura had built many prototypes in the last years. The first solution sparked on Long Range. A technology that many other companies jumped on in 2020 and which Futura first brought to market.




Futura's products, NARA Spray, Gorilla Traps, eMitter BEEP and Runbox are selling very well, especially in Europe, through leading retailers such as Killgerm, Pelsis and Co. - the market is ready for and asking for new innovations. Futura doubles again and the team grows to 9 employees.
The year 2017 is also marked by a new venture: Futura sees e-commerce as an important future technology, also in B2B and opens the Amazon store as well as new online shops in B2C and B2B. In addition, the two managing directors decide to stop attending trade fairs and invest everything in online marketing. Away from sales to consulting and information. Products should sell because they are good, not because of good sales. Sustainability therefore not only in the products, but also in the growth strategy.


GreenHero is born and initially sells repellents and the first pet care product on Amazon. The demand knocks Futura down.
eMitter Outdoor is launched as a DIRECT solution with 2G, NB IoT The sales, even through retail, are very good and the technology - also thanks to new software and algorithms (artificial intelligence) - has been greatly improved so that there are no more false alarms. As the DIRECT range does not require a repeater or gateway, sales can be scaled more quickly and Futura is growing strongly, especially in the "Long Tail" = SME of Pest Control. Futura almost doubles again and now already has 14 employees plus 2 freelancers.




GreenHero makes almost 600.000€ turnover after such a short time and has almost 100.000 satisfied customers with over 30 products. A new pillar of Futura is e-commerce, the strongest growth business. Facebook, Google and inbound marketing are introduced. A marketing and online team is hired and established.
Oliver Klute again takes over the operative business at sister company Biotec and together with Daniel Schröer reworks the strategy for the group of companies. The focus is on digitalisation and both companies are developing very well. 20 employees and 6 freelancers work like entrepreneurs in the company and drive the growth. Futura founds the "NoCheRo" interest group with the Federal Environment Agency and other international stakeholders in the industry to establish and strengthen chemical-free alternatives to Pest Control. Schröer and Klute are regularly visiting Brussels for exchanges how to avoid the use of hazardous chemicals; the green and digital wave is welcomed with open arms.


Futura has invested a lot in development in recent years and is about to introduce important new products digitally. The website will be relaunched with many online marketing tools. Futura is breaking new ground in communication in its sector and with "Talking Plague Management" is making a successful podcast, video series and blogs with leading CEOs, CTOs and innovators in the industry and gaining the attention of the international press.
Corona is coming. E-Commerce grows over 100%. B2B is growing steadily, just like before. The two CEOs have repeatedly tested the resilience and questioned business models early on - with success. Futura continues to grow unwaveringly. Also the change from traditional work to "new work" and "remote work" as well as the digital tools which were introduced years ago ensure that Futura can continue to push forward without any restrictions. Efficiency is increasing despite the fact that 90% of the employees are now in the home office. Futura introduces "home office forever" and allows its employees to work independently from home. With very good success: Futura continues to grow and hires 4 new employees "remotely".
Products like "RatCap" are born and all product lines are revised. NARA gets an ecological packaging, eMitter a new app, Gorilla Traps Fiberglass and soon a new family member.
Futura supports a research project with the Julius Kühn Institute with a high 5-figure sum over a period of 3 years to control rats with digital solutions on farms.


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