integrated Pest control

Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a long-term prevention process that allows you to solve pest problems in a business, institution or building while minimizing risks to people and the environment.

There are essentially three main aspects:

  • Prevention of pest infestation through prevention such as hygiene measures.
  • Monitoring the situation with regard to pests, i.e. detecting an infestation
  • Control of a pest infestation in the most environmentally friendly way

So the secret of IPM is the cooperation between the client and the pest control company to follow these aspects.

With Futura's products, you can perform pest control along the IPM pyramid. For each step in the pyramid we offer different products that can be used in a targeted manner.



IPM's goal is to minimize the use of pesticides in order to give preference to sustainable biological, physical and other non-chemical methods when they lead to a satisfactory result.

ipm pyramid

1. Cultural and hygienic measures

The first step is to make it difficult for rodents and insects to access the warehouse/building. This is done through good hygiene. After that, pests should have as little chance as possible to enter the building. This includes well e.g. sealed windows, doors and repairs to the facade.

2. Physical/mechanical control
The next step is the defense against pests, for example, the use of repellents or the use of impact traps, the most widely used pest product in the world. Here there is the possibility of using sprays or foams that smell so unpleasant for the rodents or insects that it is no longer worth "breaking in".

3. Biological control
Biological control is the use of natural enemies - for example, predators, parasites - to control pests and their damage.

4. Pesticides
At IPM, pesticides are used only when necessary and in combination with other approaches for more effective, long-term control. Pesticides are selected and applied to minimize their potential harm to humans, non-target organisms and the environment. At IPM, you use the most effective and selective pesticide that is safest for other organisms and the quality of air, soil and water.



In the following eight steps you will see the recreation of a city with different areas, such as fields, industrial buildings and private property. For each area we have suggested one or more Futura products that you can use there. In addition, there are other possible combinations of the products, which you are welcome to discuss with a Futura expert at any time.

Ganzheitliche Schädlingsbekämpfung freigestellt


IPM RatCap

Rat control in sewer manhole with RatCap

RatCap is a system designed to keep rats away from sewers without the use of rodenticides or traps. RatCap prevents the rats from coming out of the sewer system to the surface, where they can seek out garbage sites for food, for example. Due to lack of food and space, the population is supposed to decrease and migrate. The mechanical system closes the gap between the DIN-standardized dirt trap baskets and the manhole. It is attached to the dirt trap basket and mounted with fastening clips. The product is durable and quick to install.

IPM-Mouse Stop

GreenHero Mouse-Stop sealant

Whether it's martens in the attic, mice in the garage or rats in the basement or warehouse: rodents, insects and other pests can get in through the smallest holes or cracks, cause major soiling, introduce diseases and destroy cables, pipes and seals.

To keep rodents away efficiently, simple sealants are often not enough, as they can be easily destroyed by rodents. The GreenHero Mouse-Stop efficiently, long-lasting, quickly and reliably prevents pests from entering buildings or pipes.



IPM Gorilla Traps

Gorilla Traps for mouse and rat

The Gorilla Trap for mice is the most humane mousetrap on the market. It is the first trap that has been approved according to §18 of the German Animal Welfare Act and has also been certified with the Blue Angel.

In addition to the usual Gorilla Traps quality, the Gorilla Traps mouse also has a few more features on board. On the bottom, the spring tension of the pressure plate can be adjusted so that the trap will only trigger on rats or even lighter animals.

The pressure plate also has passive sensing, which uses an eMitter system to ensure that you can read the exact status of the trap and also detect when rodents run over an untensioned trap.

The Gorilla Traps, as a stand-alone product or in combination with the eMitter digital trap control system and Nara products, meet the requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards.

IPM Mäuse Ex

Pest control with the GreenHero Mouse-Ex

GreenHero Mouse-EX is an essential oil repellent that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Especially in cold months, but also in summer, mice look for suitable places to spend the night or give birth to their offspring. Under certain circumstances, they can cause diseases or damage materials. Their droppings contain bacteria and viruses that can also be dangerous to humans.



The Gorilla Traps mouse and also rat traps can be equipped with our eMitter systems for 24/7 digital monitoring. This has the advantage that you can easily and efficiently control the current trap status via app or the eMitter portal.

IPM Outdoor Direct

eMitter Outdoor Direct for outdoor use

eMitter® Outdoor Direct is the perfect stand-alone solution for digital pest control. You can view the status of the trap at any time - either via the online portal or directly in the eMitter® Pro app. Here you will not only be informed whether the trap is cocked or has triggered, but also get a daily sign of life. So you can be sure that the trap is active.

IPM eMitter Pro

The compact eMitter Pro system for indoor use

The eMitter Pro Ecosystem is designed for all sizes of businesses and is infinitely expandable.

The main component of each installation is a controller that sends information to the eMitter Cloud and notifies you via smartphone.
Any number of eMitter transmitters can be connected to the controller, both indoors and outdoors.
If the distance to the traps is too great or the connection becomes weak, the range can be easily amplified with any number of routers to cover even the largest corporate buildings.


Biological control

IPM Ansitzstange

Preventive measures for pest control with the raptor perch

The bird of prey perch is used for natural and poison-free control of rodents on your property or company premises, as it promotes the settlement of birds of prey in the immediate vicinity and provides them with a good vantage point for perching.

In addition, the bird of prey perch is a method of pest prevention, as rodents are captured before they enter your company premises from outside.



Futura's mission is to develop toxin-free alternatives for pest control that are effective in the long term. Toxin-free alternatives protect non-target organisms, the environment and also us humans.


Monitoring with NARA as attractant

With NARA, we have developed five different odor directions that can be used as attractants indoors and outdoors. NARA® is used worldwide in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics industries, Best Product Award Winner and the only product in its category officially recognized by leading standards such as AIB and IFS. NARA® is the first allergen-free monitor designed specifically for this application.

Nara Lure Due to its "mushroom" shape, NARA Lure fits ideally into any beating traps (Gorilla Traps) and can therefore be used in the unclamped trap for highly efficient monitoring.
NARA Bloc is an allergen-free monitor to detect and determine rodents. Applicable in any environment and any station.

NARA thus attracts the rodents but does not feed them.

IPM Insektenspray

Insect control with the GreenHero frost spray

Green Hero Frost Spray is an insecticide-free spray that can be used against all pests, such as wasps, bed bugs, mites, silverfish and many other storage pests. It is particularly suitable for use on nests (wasp nest, ant nest etc.). 

GreenHero Frost cold spray has a purely thermal mode of action, which does not allow the formation of resistance. Instead of insecticides, the product contains a volatile gas that cools down to -45 °C in air. The pests are not poisoned, but simply frozen. The sudden cold causes the cells of the insects, larvae or eggs to burst and the pest dies immediately.


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