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Mitie UK field-tested the integration of eMitter BEEP into pest control contracts. The supermarkets selected for this purpose had low to high levels of house mouse infestation.

Read in the Case Study how the use of the Beep has affected the work of pest controllers and how supermarket managers and end customers have reacted to the “beep” of the BEEP.

Date of creation: December 2018

“The technology is simple and cost-effective, but offers a high-quality solution, especially for warehouses, offices and small sites. The idea of actually controlling every station 24 hours a day is a big plus with service contracts.”

Mitie UK


Mitie is the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company.

Until a few years ago, Mitie was also active in pest control. During this time, they have relied on Futura’s products and have watched and tested new developments with interest.

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