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Customer Success Story with Lukas Bartels


“eMitter Beep is a great tool for us and we even built a product specifically for it: the Speed-Break Basic. Easier 24-7 monitoring of traps simply can not be.

As we supply a large number of customers in the catering industry, it is important for us to work extremely efficiently, discreetly and also in a cost-optimized manner. Beep is the perfect solution for this and we already have thousands in use since the launch in 2015. As for the quality, we can say that it is very sturdy, as is typical for Futura, and will last for a long time. The great thing about this is that we can provide 24-7 beat trap monitoring at a low cost. This is unbeatable and gives us a unique selling point compared to other suppliers who can only offer Tox. For us, Beep is like the fire alarm for home and an unbeatable solution for our customers, whether gastro, warehouse, supermarket, etc.”


“We are not a start-up, so for our large customer base we are looking for reliability, quality and excellent support above all. We have found all this at Futura. The products are extremely robust and they have to be when it’s 50°C in food production or -15°C outside in the coldest winter. The battery runtime of the traps impresses us a lot. We have been using them for 3 years and they are still holding up. What excites me personally is the app – very modern and intuitive. For our staff training, we only had to show one video and after that all the technicians had understood it directly.

This is how digital pest management needs to work today.”


“We work extremely closely with the Futura team as we value a trusting and very collegial relationship. It’s important to us to make everything possible for our customers, so the business metrics were especially relevant to us. Futura’s flexibility helped us smoothly roll out eMitter to larger customers. This allowed us to grow together and rely on our partner at all times. This makes teamwork fun.

In addition, Futura inspires with attention to detail and absolutely clever marketing. On more than one occasion, several employees have shown up to work wearing a Futura hoodie, and at that moment you know it’s not just because of the comfortable hoodie, but because of what Futura stands for: making our industry better, more sustainable, and more digital. That’s professional and smart.”