Digital and sustainable pest control products are the new standard in the world’s leading food, logistics and pharmaceutical companies. Leading companies value efficient products, so there is no way around them in the long term.

AIB, IFS, BRC, and many other standards now require the use of digital tools for more efficient 24/7 monitoring. Even Tesco already has over 40,000 digital traps in use in the UK.

Safe, comfortable and efficient

Multiple strengths of the eMitter traps

Safe alternative for the food industry

Hygiene standards require no rodenticides in food processing plants: eMitter uses only non-toxic baits and humane traps

Compliant with German animal welfare law

Compliance with the guidelines, as automatic permanent control is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Reliable monitoring

Immediate death of the rodent in impact traps, remaining in the trap. Green, sustainable and safe.

Flexible application possibilities

Energy self-sufficient trap system with interference-proof radio connection and simple installation

High transparency

Seamless recording, evaluation and storage of all relevant data (e.g. statistics on infestation levels and rodent species) through online documentation

High efficiency in the fight

The use of different types of traps allows the best results in control

Since in the food industry or in the logistics industry not only 1-2 traps are needed, but 100-500 traps, monitoring them is costly and time-consuming. With digital monitoring, you can increase the efficiency of control by 100%.

An infestation, if spread over a few weeks and detected late, can become a huge problem in a food production facility or large warehouse. For example, two mice can become many hundreds of mice within months. The problem is then, due to the area, unmanageable.

Early warning systems that function digitally via camera, sensors and impact traps provide a remedy here.

Our eMitter portfolio covers all these problems.

From cockroaches to beetles to rats, eMitter delivers real-time image data using smart sensors and supporting artificial intelligence.


Gorilla Traps, as a stand-alone product or in combination with the eMitter digital trap control system and Nara products, meet the requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards.

Purchase eMitter directly from us and have it set up and maintained by a pest control professional of your choice.

Any pest control professional who wants to work with our equipment can be trained as an eMitter expert in a few minutes or hours during a digital webinar and work with you to manage traps for better pest monitoring at your site.

You decide how you want to operate this. Either your pest control company buys the digital traps so you have nothing to do with them at all.

Or, you may choose to purchase the equipment yourself and have it installed and maintained on a selective basis by a pest control professional of your choice.

The advantage of purchasing the devices yourself is clearly that you have data sovereignty and are independent of the pest controller. Our equipment creates a standard in the industry and is the only equipment that is compliant with AIB requirements and when used correctly can help meet IFS pest control requirements. They are used in leading companies such as Nestle, Pepsi, Mars and over 5000 others.

So talk to our consultants today and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.