On this page you will find videos about products, application examples and explanatory videos to help you better understand technical design, set-ups etc.


What is eMitter?

Here you can learn more about the eMitter brand.


Set Up Process of eMitter Outdoor Direct

Do you have questions about the installation process for the eMitter Outdoor Direct product? Then this video is the right one for you.


eMitter Outdoor with motion technology


eMitter beep – the cheapest way into digital pest control

Our eMitter Beep is at the lower end of the price range and represents a great entry into the world of digital pest control. The way it works is very simple and is explained in this video.
It does not require any kind of existing infrastructure, so it is very cost effective and has no hidden costs.


Pest Cam

Pest Management

A picture is worth a thousand words, so watch our video to learn some facts about our PestCam.


PestCam (eMitter) Unpacking, Review & Guide

In this video we have an unpacking of our eMitter PestCam. We show you the whole process of buying, unpacking, setting up and using the device.

0:28 How and where to buy the PestCam
1:20 Unpacking
4:30 Setting up the PestCam
5:59 Connecting the PestCam to your eMitter application
8:17 How to activate the PestCam
8:30 Open pictures/videos


Set Up Process

In this video you will learn everything about the eMitter PestCam from Futura. From the purchase process of the PestCam to the construction and specific elements of the PestCam.


Gorilla Traps

What is Gorilla Traps?

In this video we explain everything about the brand Gorilla Traps.


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