Jürg aebischer

"Digitalization is advanced, we have a lot of very good products and we're moving forward,
but, as I said, it's just a tool for the purpose that's not just the tool, it's the process behind it and it's all about efficiency. You can quickly set up a few digital traps, but how will it change? If we really multiply it into the big industries, the process has to be right and it is important that we can automate the repetitive work as much as possible, digitize it, map it cleanly and channel our energy and resources into advice and support."


Steve gould

"Pest control is changing, and eMitter facilitates this change with digital monitoring products. These products save time and are easy to apply to pest control strategies, giving PCOs more time to identify intruders and focus on testing. On-site rodent "hot spots" are quickly identified by using the pest camera, which provides 24/7/365 monitoring, so customers can sit back and relax. The future is now and Futura products help to combat rodent problems".


"We rely on eMitter Pro, because it meets the highest standards of reliability and security. It is currently the best alternative solution to the use of active ingredients –for our customers and our company".

- Klaus Bischof, Operations Manager Biotec Klute GmbH

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