G.R.M.C Pest control

✅ more than 500 digital traps implemented

CRMC Pest control has already driven several initiatives to move beyond the time when poisons were used for pest control. Together with Futura, eMitter Pro was successfully implemented at CRMC customers in the Middle East.

Desinfecta 1


✅ more than 20.000 in use

Desinfecta has been an innovative pest control company in Switzerland since 1921. The partnership between Desinfecta and Futura began almost 10 years ago. They were the first partner to rely on Futura's digital eMitter system and saw a lot of potential in digital solutions.


S-Tuholaispalvelut Oy

✅ over 2000 digital traps installed at customers

Lars Schauman, owner of S-Tuholaispalvelut Oy in Finland is Futura partner since 2010/2011 tells his story about how he will transform his pest control business into a non-toxic one as well as how he started to work with Futura.

"Chocolate is something rodents like" - that's what Lars observed from the beginning on. When he used pure Nutella for rodent control, Lars soon realized that chocolate is something Rodents like. This observation led to the development of NARA chocolate in cooperation with Futura, which has since been sold thousands of times to customers worldwide.

Gorilla Traps Mouse und Rat

Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne BV

✅ Over 15,000 gorilla traps implemented at customers

The focus of the company was first on disinfection and a few years later they entered the pest control business. Why? Because they believe that pests need to be controlled. If pests are not controlled, they can be the trigger for a new infection. Chemical products are not the solution for Peter and his colleagues. That is why they rely on the Gorilla Traps.

Van Eck BV’s customers are agriculture business poultry farms, swine farms, greenhouses and food industry.



✅ more than 500 traps in use

Daniel Ashton is the Commercial Director for Terminix UK Ltd. Daniel has been working with Futura since 2013 (Terminix was Mitie at that time). He spoke about the Terminix client base and eMitter, as well as how the market for digital and non-toxic pest control has developed over the years in the UK and what his predictions are for the future.


Customer Success Video

Jürg aebischer

Hakan Kjellberg


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