Who are his customers and how do they use the traps?

Lars concentrates entirely on the B2B sector. His focus is on customers from the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as packaging industries that produce packaging for the first two mentioned industries.

He offers eMitter Outdoor Direct Traps as tailored packages to these customers, as every site is unique. Futura responds to this need and adapts its support accordingly.

It helps our clients to meet the growing demand from auditors and quality standards.

Digital Trap

Digital transformation

Even though many of Lars' customers already use digital pest control products, this is still not enough for him. His goal is to equip his entire customer base with eMitter Outdoor direct within the near future and thereby transform them into a non-toxic business.

In this process Lars and Futura are working closely together and Futura is supporting him actively. 

"Digital transformation will be a big task but with good planning and even better execution we’ll make it happen."


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WHich PRODUCTS CONVINCe S-Tuholaispalvelut Oy?

Talking pest management with Lars Schauman

In this English interview Daniel Schröer and Lars Schauman talk about digital and toxin-free pest control.

Lars explains how the coronavirus situation has caused him to change his whole way of thinking regarding customer servicing. Namely, how to maintain a good level of service when access is not possible? 

For rodent control, the devices provide the control, so does a technician need to be there? The task becomes one of measuring and recording it, so the use of remote digital monitoring and recording devices provides the solution. For the future, he is now considering switching all his remaining analogue clients to digital systems – not just for rodent control, but for all types of pest control.




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