Partnership & Product Launch

GRMC started working with Futura in 2017 when they were looking for a smart, non-toxic solution for their customer base. The first demo was very successful at the Dubai Municipality.

12 stations were installed in combination with NARA. The customer received/receives constant notifications, which are displayed in an app. The app can be accessed permanently, which is very satisfying for the customer. It was the first time that someone used this technology in the country.

"Systems that have been used before have shown some problems, such as reporting, the range of the devices and the difficulty to deal with factors like dust or water. All of these problems did not exist with eMitter pro."


Setup process and usage

The setup is simple. Even different ranges were no problem. GRMC selected different locations where the stations should be placed and the connection was smooth. Throughout the whole setup process, the support provided by Futura was an important factor for the customer GRMC, who was perfectly convincing in terms of accessibility and competence.

eMitter 5 Schritte
Produkt beim Kunden

GRMC biggest success with eMitter Pro and NARA

One of the biggest successes was when they conducted the demonstration with the Dubai Municipal Health Department. Seeing industry professionals at the highest levels in the country impressed with this solution gave GRMC the confidence that they had made a good choice with the eMitter.


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„The support is one of the key factors that convinced us to work with Futura. The support was constant and even the willingness to collaborate on new features we wanted to add to the system was always there.“

- Raymond Harfouche


interested in catching Rats digitally like Raymond?


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