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Daniel Schröer

Now CEO of Futura, Daniel Schröer, 33, was born in Münster with pest control in his blood as both his parents worked for an international pest control company. When not at school, he used to accompany his father on client visits.

After graduating from high school, Daniel studied business administration, then switched to banking at Deutsche Bank, where he was the only person in his region to be hired and worked in personal and private banking for 4 years, developing his passion for asset management.

Daniel then returned to the pest control world because of a huge opportunity at Futura: digitizing a $20 billion industry. Oliver and he worked hand-in-hand as a team from the beginning, building up everything from the idea to the product together internationally. In 2016, Daniel Schröer became Futura's managing director.
Daniel Schröer
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Once part of the Biotec Klute team, Daniel and Oliver have together been instrumental in the development of ecological and digital alternatives in practical pest control, so reducing the use of poisonous products. This had led to the development of the range of unique Futura products including eMitter digital traps, Gorilla traps, the NARA range of non-toxic baits and the GreenHero range of sprays and dusts, all of which are sold across the globe.

Daniel is the CEPA (the European pest management services trade association) spokesperson for German and EU affairs, is on the steering committee of NoCheRo (Non Chemical Alternatives in Rodent Control) and also advises leading food companies on standards concerning pest management and prevention. He has also set-up the video interview series, Talking Pest Management, where each week he interviews an industry leader.


He is an external consultant on pest management for management consultants, McKinsey Germany and is an entrepreneur partner with Etribes, a consulting company specialising in digital business models, especially in the family-owned business sector. Daniel also supports a small group of small start-up companies where he sits on their advisory boards. Finally, alongside Oliver Klute, Futura supports local start-up businesses utilising the pair‘s own business and management expertise to accelerate the growth of disruptive and sustainable businesses.

Away from work, Daniel is fascinated by innovation and digitization generally, enjoys country activities such as shooting and natural history, as well as golf. At home his family and girl friend are very important to him and he is a keen reader and cook.

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