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What is "Talking Pest Management" about and who is behind the scenes?

Talking Pest Management is a leading worldwide source of pest control news and opinion. It is designed for business leaders and opinion formers around the globe and explores current market situations and also innovative new technologies. Our videos feature interviews with prominent industry figures to bring you market-affecting insights, with the aim of helping people make informed business decisions in our industry and beyond.

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Daniel Schröer

Each Talking Pest Management interview is very much an informal discussion between Daniel Schröer and his guest.

“With all industry gatherings currently cancelled there can be no better time for this to happen. Every speaker selected knows first-hand what is happening in the industry. I want these discussions to represent the pulse of the industry and not just in Europe, but from leaders in other parts of the world as well. My aim is to record one interview per week.”

Daniel Schröer

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