emitter pro

The eMitter Pro Ecosystem is designed for all sizes of organizations and is infinitely expandable.

The main component of each installation is a controller that sends information to the eMitter cloud and notifies you via your smartphone.
Any number of eMitter transmitters can be connected to the controller, both indoors and outdoors.
If the distance to the traps is too great or the connection becomes weak, the range can easily be increased with any number of routers to cover even the largest corporate buildings.

Gebäudeplanung emitter
Emitter Controller

The eMitter heart

emitter pro controller

Receives all signals from the eMitter system and informs you directly via the smartphone.


For particularly long distances

emitter pro router

Amplifies the signal of the transmitters by up to 1,500 meters.

emitter router
emitter pro longrange

For rat traps

emitter pro outdoor longrange

Sends vital signs daily and reports every catch directly to your smartphone.



eMitter Pro Switch for with battery single traps


Indoor Rocker

eMitter Pro Indoor Rocker with battery for double traps


Indoor Rocker

eMitter Pro Indoor Rocker without battery for double traps

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"We rely on E-Mitter Pro because it serves the highest standards of reliability, safety and cost efficiency, and because it protects our environment by completely eliminating the use of poisons."

Jürg Aebischer, CEO Desinfecta AG

"The face of pest control is changing at an ever increasing pace. Gone are the days of blanket baiting with high volume of toxic baits and a more targeted approach using intelligence to apply the right control measures only when needed. A very useful part of an intelligent offering is instant notification of pest activity. Emitter is the ‘best of breed’ remote monitoring systems we have seen worldwide. It works because it is easy to set up, flexible and has long distance signaling."

Peter Trotman, Managing Director Mitie Pest Control UK

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