Targetted monitoring, or more appropriately targetted surveillance, in pest prevention is the most reliable method of reacting quickly and effectively in the event of an infestation. Nowadays, baits are used to control and monitor localities.

If an infestation is detected on the bait, a systematic and targetted approach against the pest is of utmost necessity.

Especially in areas where normal "baits", poisons and other harmful substances are not particularly effective and desirable, there is often a lack of alternatives. Therefore Futura Germany has dedicated itself to the goal of providing alternatives to the pest control sector worldwide. Our clear objectives were: allergen-free, reliable, long lasting and attractive to all types of rodents.

The solution is NARA. Now used for monitoring worldwide.

NARA Bloc Nagespuren
NARA Bloc angeknabbert

NARA – The Brand

Digital and allergen-free monitoring

NARA is the solution for perfect monitoring in the entire pest control sector. Allergen-free, long lasting and reliable, NARA products are now used worldwide for effective monitoring.

NARA® is an absolute "hidden hero" in pest management. NARA® is a Best Product Award Winner and is used worldwide in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics industries. NARA® is the first allergen-free monitor designed specifically for this application. It fulfills the requirements of AIB and NARA® may contribute to fulfill the IFS Pest Control requirements.

NARA® is absolutely allergen-free and can therefore also be used in sensitive areas such as in the food or pharmaceutical industries.
Strong aromas
Strong aromas
NARA® has the right flavour for every taste. Depending on the area of use, rodents react to different aromas. To ensure the best monitoring results, we offer a wide range of different flavours.
Stic, Bloc and Spray
Stic, Bloc and Spray
No matter whether you use NARA® Stic for snap traps, NARA® Bloc as a monitor in bait stations or NARA® Spray for rodents - with NARA® you are equipped for perfect monitoring.
NARA® is absolutely allergen-free and can therefore also be used in sensitive areas such as in the food or pharmaceutical industries.
Strong aromas
NARA® has the right flavour for every taste. Depending on the area of use, rodents react to different aromas. To ensure the best monitoring results, we offer a wide range of different flavours.
Stic, Bloc and Spray
No matter whether you use NARA® Stic for snap traps, NARA® Bloc as a monitor in bait stations or NARA® Spray for rodents - with NARA® you are equipped for perfect monitoring.
Bobby Corrigan

"When I am in court Pest Controllers are asked where their monitoring has been. It's mostly done too little which is why things escalate."

Dr Robert Corrigan - Rodentologist, RmC Pest Management Consulting



Organic monitoring blocks are susceptible to mold and insect infestation. This not only limits their possible applications (e.g. in the food industry), but also the durability of the monitors.

NARA 100% AIB compliant


AIB confirms that the NARA Stic, Bloc and Spray non-toxic, allergen free monitoring product fulfils the requirements of AIB International’s Consolidated Standards, as they do not attract and feed other pests.

Additionally the Gorilla traps, as a standalone version, or in combination with eMitter digital trap control system and the Nara products are in line with the requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards.

Nara Bloc Haufen

NARA® Bloc

Allergen-free monitor to detect and identify rodents. Suitable for every location and every situation.

Depending where used, NARA Bloc has a long shelf life of at least three months. Allergen-free and therefore ideally suited for use in the food industry.
No infestation of the block by insects (flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, cockroaches etc.) as with conventional baits. Ideally suited for use in wet areas. No mould formation or decomposition due to moisture. Gnaw marks enable the distinction to be made between rats and mice.


NARA® Stic

Perfect fit for Gorilla rat and mouse traps. Toxic free and insect resistant.

Due to its "mushroom shape" it fits perfectly into any kind of Gorilla trap and can be used in an unset trap for highly efficient monitoring. Nara Stic has a shelf life of at least three months, depending on where it is used. It is free of allergens and therefore ideally suited for use in the food industry. The monitor cannot be attacked by insects (flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, cockroaches, etc.) Nara Stic is also ideally suited for use in wet areas. No mould or decomposition due to moisture.

Nara Lure Haufen 2
Nara Spray

NARA® Spray

New scents for rodents.

With this product you can direct rodents exactly where you want them - to the trap or monitoring station. Our spray supports poison-free monitoring and efficiency.



New Packaging – Same Quality, same function, just better

The new ziplock bags fulfil our high quality standards with an aroma-tight top seal. The strong aromas made our NARA® products so effective and this is still the same. For the environment, we have reduced the plastic waste from the packaging by 80%. In addition, half-full and empty bags fold flat to take up less space.

NARA new packaging

FAQ about NARA

What does NARA stand for?

NARA: Non Allergen Rodent Articles.
Nara’s key was “non allergic” and “non-toxic” and it’s still within the core essence of the broad Nara range.

What Nara products exist?

Nara Bloc – for rodent monitoring in a bloc format
Nara Stic – rodent monitoring for traps in a stick form to fit into rat and mice traps of most sorts
Nara Spray – as a re-activation Spray for all of the above for refurbishment and generally a more sustainable and long-lasting use of pest control products

Since when does Nara exist and are there any fakes?

Nara was invented in the 2010s and first the Bloc came out, shortly followed by the Stic. Nara Spray came out 2016.
In the first years until 2014 Nara didn’t have any copies and most people thought that Nara was a nice concept, but it was harshly criticized as it was non-tox and most pest controllers still preferred toxics.
In 2014 the first copy arrived, one from Italy, one from China, one from USA and all are vanished today whilst NARA is the epitome of non-toxic Rodent monitoring products like Coca Cola for a “coke” drink.

Why was Nara invented?

Pest controllers used digital devices to learn more about what happened in their boxes. Over the years most of the research of the big companies showed: 95% of the boxes are untouched, so why replace toxins in them every week/month?
Also most organic toxic baits or even non-toxic organic baits were quickly rotten, mold-infested or attacked by insects.
See here:

Organischer Monitor 03
Organischer Monitor 01

Nara didn’t have that as it was synthetic. No mold, no insect infestation – it simply lasted for up to a year or longer, which professional pest managers really appreciated and more and more Nara was sold.

Also, organic baits fed rodents, which means you’re actually helping rodents to survive… This is just nuts.
Nara doesn’t feed – it just smells nice and rodents nibble to see whether there is food below the cover, but it isn’t. They don’t feed on Nara but leave relevant bite-marks.
This is the sweet spot of rodent monitoring and most pest control companies went from poison to Nara, because WHEN a rat/mouse is spotted by NARA or by them or their clients, actions could be taken whereas the 24-7/365 poison approach was soon to be deemed a thing of the past. Not only because it’s toxic, also because it’s vastly expensive.
But of course, also because its more green and ecological.
Just in Italy alone, thanks to Nara we’ve been able to substitute over 15 Tons of Poison by the switch to Nara products and save over 50.000€ for pest controllers through saved visits.

Also Nara is the only monitoring device that securely monitors rodent presence, but also is allowed by leading international food standards like IFS and AIB who pro-actively recommend Nara since many years.

Download AIB document here

Does Nara kill rodents?

No, Nara is for monitoring / surveillance / control of presence of rodents only.
For killing / controlling rodents we recommend government approved §18 IfSG or other similar professional break-back traps and IPM measurements like repelling, proofing and others.

In what traps does the Nara Stic fit in?

It fits into Gorilla Traps® Rat and Mouse Traps, in Kness and Bell Models and most “China-Copies” as well. Thanks to dual-fit technology Nara fits in both trap models: rat and mouse traps.
We recommend Gorilla Traps® though as they are government §18 approved, Blue Angel ( ) approved and it is to be expected that in near future only approved and professional traps will be legally allowed to use by end-consumers or / and trained professionals.
The traps cost more or less the same, so we would recommend switching to professional traps.

Can I also use the Stic as a Bloc to monitor in boxes?

Yes, absolutely. The bloc just offers way more ground to nibble for rodents and the form really is made for nibbling species, like rodents who need to nibble by the nature of their being.

How long do they last?

They last minimum 3 months, but can last up to a year or longer sometimes, depending on the circumstances or location they’re brought out. Use Nara Spray to “freshen them up” and re-activate them for another life-span.

What aromas exist?

Schoko-Nuss, Fisch, Fleisch, Vanille und Mango.Choco-Nut, Fish, Meat, Vanilla and Mango.

What aroma should I use and where?

Professionals usually recommend to use various aromas at once (mix them up) or to use something “different” e.g. use “fish” in a bakery or use “choclate” in a plastic goods warehouse etc….
Be creative and trial it yourself, you will be surprised of the results.
Most of the aromas work just fine, but probably Choclate, vanilla and meat sell the best…
Also Mango was created for veggie roof rats especially (black rats) that love veggie fruits.

Why should I use Nara as a professional?

Do you think using choclate cream like Nutella or others is professional? They rot and mold and after just 2 weeks no rodent would ever touch it. Also the contain nuts and allergens. It should really be avoided.
Nara comes with all the certificates, is recommended by AIB, IFS and their clients and used in millions by the world’s largest and most trusted pest control companies around the world.

In what cases does Nara come?

We sell Nara Stic in 100 pcs eco-bags and Nara Bloc in 2 sizes: 20 and 75 in the same eco-bags.
Nara Spray comes either as single or in boxes of 12.
Also all Nara Stic and Bloc eco-bags come in cardboard boxes in 12 pcs each.

How many Naras did you sell?

Oh, that’s our secret, but it’s many millions and we’re proud of every single one as without Nara, somebody would probably have used poison. We are confident we saved 100.000 tons of toxins yet on this Globe, which can’t be dangerous to non-target animals like owls, eagles, mountain lions or fishes.

Where can I get Nara?

Anywhere on the world thanks to our global shipping from Germany, but also through the biggest retailers and distributors on the world for professional pest products. If you struggle: Amazon or our webshop – our team will literally send it to you anywhere, from NewZealand, Philippines, China, Japan, USA, Africa, America or Europe…

Where is Nara made?

It’s 100% made in Germany from mostly already recycled plastics. Also Nara can be recycled again for re-production of which we’re very proud. Also in 2022 we will release a bio Nara which is 100% bio-degradable and can be eaten 100% by bacteria just like an apple or a banana. Nara doesn’t just help to work more environmentally friendly, it is environmentally friendly by nature.

What is Nara made of?

Nara is made of highest quality synthetic thermoplastics made in Germany. Most of them are already recycled and they can be recycled again as well. Also we use allergen-free, synthetic senses from Germany since years for a trusted, intense and long-lasting aroma.
Nara is made for food-stuffs especially and fulfills highest quality standards for food products like IFS and AIB.

How to use Nara Bloc?

Most Nara Blocs will just be used by lying them into a bait station / rodent box or onto a cable tie, attached right to a building or wall. Most rodent boxes have a steel stick in them on which the Nara Bloc format can be squeezed or slid onto. This way it fits firmly into 99,9% of all boxes and rodents can enjoy their nibbling fun in calmth. Once opened again, or once detected by an eMitter IoT camera, our human or artificial intelligence will detect – in presence of rodents – activity thanks for the visible bite-marks left on the Nara Bloc.
Did you know: Digital monitoring with Nara is very popular! Most our clients combine an IoT Sensor or trap or camera with Nara monitoring products.

What is monitoring?

Monitoring detects rodent activity so a professional can make sure to then get rid of the rodents / control the infestation with various means like traps or IPM.

Who uses Nara?

Can’t tell as a secret, but most of the companies you would ask, we would probably smile silently and agree. Also did you know that rodentologists like Dr.Robert Corrigan or Grahame Turner recommend Nara as say “rodent monitoring with Nara is so basic, so first step, it’s the first thing you need to do in your pest control program, prior to poisoning or anything chemical: monitoring and IPM”.

Videos about NARA®

VLOG about the properties and applications of NARA®
6:45 MIn

NARA® Stic in live check
0:44 min




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