Targetted monitoring, or more appropriately targetted surveillance, in pest prevention is the most reliable method of reacting quickly and effectively in the event of an infestation. Nowadays, baits are used to control and monitor localities.

If an infestation is detected on the bait, a systematic and targetted approach against the pest is of utmost necessity.

Especially in areas where normal "baits", poisons and other harmful substances are not particularly effective and desirable, there is often a lack of alternatives. Therefore Futura Germany has dedicated itself to the goal of providing alternatives to the pest control sector worldwide. Our clear objectives were: allergen-free, reliable, long lasting and attractive to all types of rodents.

The solution is NARA. Now used for monitoring worldwide.

NARA – The Brand

NARA is the solution for perfect monitoring in the entire pest control sector. Allergen-free, long lasting and reliable, NARA products are now used worldwide for effective monitoring.

Nara Produkthaufen

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