Snap traps are still essential for effective pest control. Especially in areas where live trapping makes little or no sense. The various Animal Welfare Acts require that the use of snap traps fulfil important criteria. An important aspect is the avoidance of animal suffering.

If a snap trap is triggered prematurely by the so-called "lock", it cannot be guaranteed that the mouse or rat is already completely on the pressure plate. Particularly with rat traps, it happens time and time again that the rodent is prevented from escaping only by an individual limb caught in the trap. So, the animal suffers unnecessarily.

New types of traps, which are powerful, effective, target-oriented and, for rats, also adjustable in sensitivity, were needed. The development of the Gorilla traps was therefore necessary and has now proved to be unrivalled.

The Gorilla Traps mousetrap is certified according to §18 of the German Animal Protection Act in combination with the Snapbox and is therefore the only snap trap on the market.

The rat trap can be adjusted in sensitivity, so fulfilling the need of pest controllers to prevent unnecessary releases.
In pest control, snap traps should always be kept in closed boxes so that other animals, children and also adults are protected.

Gorilla Traps – the brand

The Gorilla rat and mouse traps meet the requirements of the German Animal Welfare Act and are unique for professional pest control due to their reliability and efficiency.

Gorilla Traps

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