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Customer Success Story with Simon Gross, Head of Digital Products/Customer Consulting

Desinfecta has been an innovative pest control company in Switzerland since 1921. The partnership between Desinfecta and Futura began almost 10 years ago. Thus, Desinfecta was one of the first partners to rely on Futura’s digital eMitter system and saw a lot of potential in digital solutions.

At that time, Desinfecta was already striving to reduce rodenticides and manual control intervals. The goal was a future-oriented approach and the use of alternative, as well as sustainable products.


Leading the way in the implementation of eMitter was a large food customer who did not want to use poisons in their production. This customer was successfully converted because the eMitter system not only provided an entry into the digital future of pest control, but also met the customer’s sustainable, toxin-free desires. Needless to say, this desire for toxin-free alternatives did not remain an isolated incident. Especially industrial customers, with multiple locations or companies that are audited according to certain certifications, found the eMitter system very appealing, as a lot of on-site monitoring effort can be saved. Thanks to intelligent transmission and communication technology via trap routers and the like, as well as infestation reports via mobile app, a high level of information transparency is available to the customer 24/7.

Simon Gross also confirmed that customers are becoming increasingly demanding and expect a holistic, digitized monitoring system. That’s why he’s glad to have taken the step of digitization so early on to meet the needs of his customers.

Due to the early and professional conversion of the systems, customers quickly noticed how innovative Desinfecta was in the market.

Despite the challenging transition from 2G to 4G in Switzerland, Desinfecta is clearly committed to the important step of digitalization and keeps itself informed on a daily basis about the latest standards, demands and needs of customers, which will continue to be significantly driven forward together with Futura.

“Throughout this long evolution, Futura has always been a loyal partner, sharing and implementing strategic, as well as technological developments and innovations with Desinfecta, revolutionizing the pest control industry for good.”


Desinfecta is convinced that the advice and expertise of its employees will continue to be a supporting factor. The technician is irreplaceable. Automation and digitalization offer the possibility to provide high quality tools to technicians and customers, which work fast and agile powerful. With the support of automated systems, a technician will no longer have to run through each individual trap in the future, but can concentrate more intensively on the general conditions. The focus is on measures such as consulting and the partnership exchange between Desinfecta technicians and customers.