Strike traps are still essential for effective pest control. Especially in areas where live traps make little or no sense, the Animal Welfare Act requires that a beater trap must meet important criteria. An important aspect is the avoidance of suffering of the animals.

If a beat trap is triggered prematurely by the so-called “lock”, it cannot be guaranteed that the mouse or rat is already completely or purposefully on the platform. Especially with rat traps it happened again and again that the animal was prevented from moving only with single limbs in the trap. Thus, the animal suffers unnecessarily and this, in turn, does not comply with the Animal Welfare Act.

New types of traps were needed that were powerful, effective, targeted and, in the field of rat traps, also adjustable in sensitivity. So the development of Gorilla Traps was necessary and later successful and unrivaled. In pest control, strike traps should always be in locked boxes to keep other animals, children and even adults protected as much as possible.

Animal welfare

According to the German Animal Welfare Act, the suffering of animals must be prevented as far as possible, even in beating traps.

Suffering free for the animals

The suffering of animals must be prevented and impact traps should therefore meet strict criteria.


In professional pest control, impact traps must be reliable, efficient and safe for humans.


Honestly, we never wanted to build traps. But the search for the perfect trap for our digital Emitter sensors and NARA® monitors finally led us there because we couldn’t find anything in the world that met our standards. German engineering meets scaled production of arguably the highest quality professional traps in the world. We are proud to be the only impact trap for mice to receive §18 IfSG certification because “humane” pest control is extremely important to us. Gorilla Traps is a toxin-free and accredited humane alternative against rodents, making it the “go-to” basic product against rodents. Poison? You can do without it!



Gorilla Traps, as a stand-alone product or in combination with the Emitter digital trap control system and Nara products, meet the requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards.


The big boy

Gorilla Traps Mouse

Gorilla Trap for mice is the most humane mousetrap on the market. It is the first trap to be approved in accordance with §18 of the German Animal Welfare Act and has also been certified with the Blue Angel.

The bigger boy

Gorilla Traps Rat

In addition to the usual Gorilla Traps quality, the big brother also has a few more features on board. On the underside, the spring tension of the pressure plate can be adjusted so that the trap is only triggered by rats or even lighter animals.

The pressure plate also has passive sensor technology, which with an Emitter system ensures that you can read the exact status of the trap and also detect when rodents run over an untensioned trap.

§18 zertifizierter Einsatz der Mausefalle in der Snapbox
Verstellmöglichkeit an der Rattenfalle


Our GorillaTraps transparent rat trap enters the fray with a novel concept of harnessing the visual abilities of rats to combat them. Combine the transparent trap with your conventional traps – so the rats can not escape you!

100% compatible with


For effective monitoring, we designed our NARAStic to fit perfectly into the GorillaTraps beat traps.

Digitizable with our


All Gorilla Traps are the perfect complement to our Emitter products. A symbiosis of intelligent pest control.


We have always said the last thing we would do is build another trap. But when we invented digital monitoring with Emitter, we felt we couldn’t make a quality sensor for €50/100 that would last 10 years or more, and then use it with a trap from an outside vendor that just wasn’t up to our standards. We couldn’t afford to use a high-quality digital product and sell it with a cheap trap. Finally, the trap also had to meet our high quality standards:

Highest quality available; durable; the most humane trap ever made; ready to use with our Nara and Emitter line of products.
This is how we developed Gorilla Traps and we are very satisfied with them, as are our customers in over 50 countries around the world who use millions of traps.

It means that the traps have been tested by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), met the high expectations and received approval. Gorilla Traps are now listed on the IfSG list, proving that they meet the highest standards and reduce unnecessary animal suffering to the lowest possible level.
Controlling a rodent infestation, for example in a bakery, is very important, but both professionals and end users are faced with an offer of 10-30 different traps, most of them cheaply made.
§18 tells you that you have a quality product, tested to the highest quality standards.
When you buy Gorilla Traps, you are protected for the future. Other traps might be banned sooner or later, but we have developed the most humane approved traps on the market.

Yes, the Blue Angel – – the most recognized eco-label in the world has approved our Gorilla Traps, and we are very proud of it.

Thanks to highly qualified German engineers, we have been able to set some records and introduce standards that we are happy to explain to you:

Fiberglass backed, extra strong and heavy plastic for long lasting use.
PVC-coated stainless steel for zero reflections, making rodent interception easier.
Extra strong PVC coated stainless springs for a super humane and balanced snap action.
Spring support for the kick plate so that no false triggering can occur due to vibration or kicking – only rodents activate the traps.
Perfectly suitable for Emitter products and also for Nara Stic.
Brown material or yet transparent material for less visual irritation of rodents and higher catch rates.
Adjustment option (1,2 and 3) for individual adjustment of the rat trap:
1) for small rodents, also mice from 5 to 10g.
2) for medium rodents from 10 to 18g
3) for adult rats from 25 g

If you want to catch a rat with the rat trap, just set it to 3) and you will protect the mice or protected species of mice in the environment.
If you want to use the trap as a multi-catch trap – which many professionals do – set it to 1) and it will be activated for mice as well.
Flexibility: you can remove the spring to stabilize the impeller and reduce the weight of the impeller of the mouse and rat trap to a maximum of 3-5g for extra efficient trapping success – try it and you will be surprised by its versatility.
Every single part of a Gorilla Trap is stronger, thicker, and more durable than other models of comparable size and recoil traps because they are designed to last.

Gorilla Traps stands for ecological and humane pest control. Both very important aspects that represent more than a trap – it is a movement, a set of values and a lifestyle. If you think differently, love quality and want to do good for our planet and future generations, of course you love Gorilla Traps. We like to imagine that inspirational figures like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Mohammad Ali and others would have used Gorilla Traps.

We also wanted to take away the chemical, negative “kill” feel of pest control. We want this sector to be fun, young and less serious. Take off the tie, put on the gorilla hoodie, and you’re sure to be high-fived by your colleagues. Get a hoodie from your account manager now, or buy it here:
Oh, and maybe it’s also because the logo looks cool. We also offer T-shirts in any size and color, as well as bags and caps.

You can buy them everywhere from the biggest and most famous retailers in the world, but we are also happy to deliver them from Germany to your home, wherever you are.
Also check Amazon or our online store if you need help.

Honestly, you’d better ask us a simpler question. Ok, maybe alcohol was involved….

You can simply retrofit our standalone eMitter sensor to your gorilla traps and download our app that will automatically notify you when something is caught….

We really can’t say, but obviously millions worldwide, and we are very proud of the fact that with every single trap we make sure that professionals and end users don’t use poison or inferior products that they throw away after a year. Our traps should last a lifetime if used and cared for properly.

Our goal is to make products that you can use for a lifetime. Quality. Nothing is more environmentally friendly than a product you use for more than 20 years. Our traps can be cleaned, disassembled and reassembled for use for another 10 years. We have traps that have caught over 100 mice or rats alone, according to our customers.
Our plastics are already partially recycled and can be recycled again by shredding and reusing them as granules. We take great pride in the fact that for every trap you install, you are installing a device that will last – at best – 10+ years and during those 10+ years, no biocide/poison will be used that will cause 100x more environmental damage than anything else. Making the earth greener and pest control more modern is our approach.

We are ISO certified and especially in the production of gorilla traps, we make sure that every single trap is tested and made by hand. All our traps are activated, set up and left for a few hours. Then they are activated by hand to see if they work properly.
This process makes them maybe 5% more expensive than cheaper traps that don’t have all our quality features, but it makes them so much better and more reliable for a long time.

Because you don’t have to buy new traps in 2-10 years when the law changes. New standards and laws regulate pest control. If now suddenly – which is to be expected – only approved humane traps are allowed, then some companies will have to replace their entire stock, all installed traps…. An enormous cost and time investment. Gorilla Traps are IFS, AIB compliant, §18 IfSG tested and thus currently set the highest standards for professional pest controllers, but also for end consumers.

Also because they are just damn good traps and stand for modern pest control, but you already know that if you are still reading. Thank you!

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