Whether in the supermarket, in agriculture or in industry, hygiene standards must be maintained. We would like to support them holistically in the field of pest control with our digital and poison-free solutions.


We would like to support you in the field of pest control with our products in your supermarket. The product range leads from traps, stations and attractants to digital components of the brand eMitter, with which you can monitor your traps 24/7 via an app. Knowledge of the setup can be obtained either through digital training or a pest control technician will come to you to professionally install the products.

This is currently the safest option for avoiding and averting monetary damage, loss of image and health risks for you and the environment.

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Recent studies show that the spread of toxins in the environment is increasing and causing significant damage, especially to non-target organisms, as well as to the environment. Digitalization is increasingly moving into the agricultural sector (automatic feeding, milking systems, chips for animal welfare control, drones for field monitoring, etc.). This digital technology extends to pest monitoring and allows for a completely toxin-free monitoring system, eliminating environmental impact and allowing 24/7 monitoring via app.

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Damage caused by rodent and/or insect infestation can not infrequently result in high costs. In addition, monthly maintenance for pest control regularly disrupts ongoing operations. With the help of digital pest control products, maintenance intervals can be reduced to the bare minimum - while maintaining or increasing safety standards. Digital traps currently offer the highest level of safety in accordance with common standards such as IFS, BRC and guarantee complete documentation.

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