Why would you still use poison bait in the supermarket in 2021? There are a few reasons not to. Some large supermarkets now already rely on the use of digital sensor and trap systems, which not only do not use poisons, but also offer other advantages.


  • AIB, IFS, BRC, and many other standards now require the use of digital tools for more efficient 24/7 monitoring.
  • Laws severely restrict the use of rodenticides. A general ban is also expected in the near future.
  • A supermarket is an absolute land of milk and honey for mice & co. Why would a mouse eat an old wax bait when chips and chocolate are waiting for it around the corner?


If you want to do without the use of poison in your supermarket, we have the solution: efficient, poison-free trap systems against mice and rats that can be monitored digitally via app 24/7. This technique offers several advantages.

  1. The animals are killed immediately. This makes our traps compliant with the Animal Welfare Act, which prohibits unnecessary suffering of animals. Another advantage is that the animals no longer have the opportunity to cause further damage. The problem is thus nipped in the bud.
  2. You can see at any time and in any place if anything has happened in the installed traps.

The new Emitter Tubetrap

Developed with and for leading supermarket chains and tested to perfection over many years, the Emitter Tubetrap is the optimal and most cost-effective solution for rodent control in supermarkets. It can catch and monitor rodent movement at the same time.

Switching between the 2 modes can be done digitally and planned individually (see video – compliant with §4 TSchG). Produced in Germany, extremely robust and high quality, this digital trap is perfect for supermarkets.

Highly secure wireless connection, no more false alarms thanks to smart sensor control make handling easier. Legally intended

Safe, comfortable and efficient

Multiple strengths of the eMitter traps

Safe alternative for the food industry

Hygiene standards require no rodenticides in food processing plants: eMitter uses only non-toxic baits and humane traps

Compliant with German animal welfare law

Compliance with the guidelines, as automatic permanent control is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Reliable monitoring

Immediate death of the rodent in impact traps, remaining in the trap. Green, sustainable and safe.

Flexible application possibilities

Energy self-sufficient trap system with interference-proof radio connection and simple installation

High transparency

Seamless recording, evaluation and storage of all relevant data (e.g. statistics on infestation levels and rodent species) through online documentation

High efficiency in the fight

The use of different types of traps allows the best results in control


In many supermarkets, pest control looks like this: Every 1 to 3 months a pest controller inspects the business. This often happens during the opening hours of the supermarket and in a time window of no more than 15 minutes. The problem with this is that the technicians actually need more time to look through the operation at their leisure, and also to be able to slide across the floor on their knees and look under shelves and freezers. This is the only way they can detect traces (droppings or drag marks) and recognize an infestation, especially a rodent infestation, at an early stage. Early detection is especially important because the population of mice and rats can increase extremely rapidly.

Cameras, sensors and impact traps are part of our eMitter system, through which you are immediately informed by mail or app in the event of an infestation. This allows you to react quickly and the called technician can nip the infestation in the bud.

From cockroaches to beetles to rats, eMitter delivers real-time image data using smart sensors and supporting artificial intelligence.


Decide which solution makes sense for your business and which model integrates well into your daily work routine. You have a wide variety of options:

  1. We advise you on which products make sense for your operation. You can purchase the products yourself and have the system serviced by a pest control professional of your choice. Through a free webinar, any pest control professional can become an eMitter expert.
  2. The pest control company of your choice purchases the products and incorporates them into their service.
  3. You acquire and maintain the system yourself. When an infestation occurs, you can hire a pest control professional or manage the infestation yourself with selected and trained employees.

eMitter setup in 3 steps

Gain knowledge

The first step is to gain knowledge about the eMitter products. This can happen in three different ways:

1. digital training via zoom
2. in-house training at Futura
3. external training at the customer’s site


The second step is the assembly/installation. There are two options for this: Either you carry out the installation independently on the basis of the knowledge gained or you commission an eMitter technician who will professionally implement the installation throughout Germany.

Let's go!

In the following form you can compose and book your individual setup. Following this, an eMitter expert will contact you to schedule an appointment.

The new emitter

The new level of digital pest control, unique features and innovative technology for the best quality on the market.