"During this long period of development, Futura has always been a loyal partner who shares and implements strategic as well as technological developments and innovations with Desinfecta, thus revolutionizing the pest control industry in the long term".

- Simon Gross, Head of digital products/customer consulting

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Do you want to monitor pests around the clock, track their movements or be informed directly about an infestation? No problem with our digital products.

We are happy to offer you solutions tailored to your needs – for pest monitoring and pest control according to IPM (Integrated Pest Management).



Shows what is digitally possible.

The digital solution for optimal pest prevention.



Trust your nose.

Innovative monitoring. Developed for the food industry. Long lasting and allergen-free.

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Rethink Pest Control
Mause- und Rattenfalle Gorilla Traps

Gorilla Traps

Humane and professional traps. §18 certified.

Best impact traps for optimal pest control.



Everyday heroes.

Non-toxic dusts and sprays for effective pest control.

GreenHero Produkte
Rat Cap

Rat Cap

Leave the rats where they are.

Passive and sustained rat control.


Always with a finger on the pulse

Digital pest control made in Germany

The Podcast

Discussions with industry leaders. Revealing insights and views from our international business partners


"Well, the Industry is going to change and if you like it or not (...) everything is going to change and you can hop on the train and join it."

Alex Mars

"The most difficult places to set a trap are the best places to set a trap"

Steve Gould



"Talking Pest Management" (TPM) is a series of short topical video interviews undertaken with pest professionals from around the world – Made by pest professionals – aimed at pest professionals.

Each is with an industry leader, entrepreneur, technical expert or practical pest controller to give the series an on-the-ground hands-on perspective. Those selected are known for saying what they think and are not afraid of sharing their opinions. Each interview is quite informal, recorded in the interviewees office and shown uncut and unedited. There are no commercial references to products nor any advertising. Uniquely, TPM presents the heart of the industry.



Pest controllers and directors of pest control companies deal with pest control issues on a daily basis. Issues such as the latest innovations, choice of non-toxic alternatives and industry developments. In our guide you will find interviews, blog articles, white papers, instructional videos as well as news on green and digital solutions, new legislation, requirements, tips and economic trends in the pest control sector.

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Your time is precious. That's why we have summarized the most important information, tips, news and topics from your industry for you here.

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The exchange of information and knowledge is crucial. That’s why we have published whitepapers on various topics.

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Online course - regardless of your location and time. We want to offer added value to help you in your everyday work and offer you peace of mind.


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