What is eMitter?

eMitter stands for innovation by tradition. Our belief is the digitalization of our sector. In 2005 we were pioneers with the first digital trap designed for rodents. Quality products made in Germany, coupled with technology that can be seen in Silicon Valley, this is what eMitter is known for worldwide. As an IoT player from the very start, we are committed to research and development alongside our worldwide partners and developers. Our customers are convinced and so make their business "future proof" with eMitter.



The Gorilla traps, as a standalone version, or in combination with eMitter digital trap control system and the Nara products are in line with the requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards.

eMitter eliminates the daily manual inspection of all your traps. Instead, the bait stations are connected to a server by radio. The traps, in combination with the eMitter controller, facilitate permanent monitoring i.e. as soon as a pest enters the trap, the person responsible is informed via email or app. The triggered trap can then be reset.

emitter pro lineup

emitter pro

  • The digital solution in pest control
  • All traps can be seen all day
  • Saves money and time

emItter outdoor direct

  • No matter where, no matter when: The status of the trap is always in view
  • No controller or router required
  • Perfectly adapted for Gorilla Traps rat trap
emitter outdoor direct
emitter pestcam

emitter pestcam

  • The first camera for pest monitoring
  • Fully integrated with the eMitter app
  • Waterproof and with rechargeable batteries
Digital banner

emitter beep

  • Acoustic pest detector
  • Battery with up to three years runtime
  • Perfect for amateur use in private households, offices etc.
emitter beep
eMitter Online Portal

emitter online portal

The eMitter online portal offers everything demanding companies expect.

As shown above, all this in one simple operation. Clients are informed, floor plans uploaded, infestation reports retrieved, statistics viewed and so much more. The integration of the individual components, such as traps and controllers is very simply carried out on site via the app.


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