What is eMitter?

Round-the-clock control for traps

eMitter eliminates the daily manual inspection of all your traps. Instead, the bait stations are connected to a server by radio. The traps, in combination with the eMitter controller, facilitate permanent monitoring i.e. as soon as a pest enters the trap, the person responsible is informed via email or app. The triggered trap can then be reset.


Save, comfortable and efficient

Multiple strengths of the eMitter traps


Introduction to the technologies used

With eMitter Beep, Pro and Direct we use a wide range of patented technologies, including "EnOcean":
The basic concept of EnOcean is based on a simple idea: Mechanical traps always release energy when triggered. We use this energy for a strong radio signal. EnOcean functions completely without batteries and that saves maintenance and preserves our environment.

We also offer LongRange technology, which allows you to transmit up to 1,500m away and thus allows you to conveniently set up your customers' outdoor areas with eMitter traps around the building (see "eMitter PRO - eMitter outdoor"). It is important to us that you can flexibly choose from our large portfolio of many established and well thought-out transmitters to find a customized solution for your business.

Therefore NB IoT, GSM technology around 2G, 3G and 4G as well as Cat M1, Sigfox, Bluetooth, WIFI are also part of our portfolio. We digitize your Pest Control business with our team of experienced IoT engineers and data architects.



Here you can see all technologies with their reach, energy consumption and feature

eMitter approved Reach (in meters) Energy consumption Feature
Bluetooth 10 m efficient lack of security
LongRange Private ✅ eMitter Pro 100-200 m OK protected network for own private use
EnOcean ✅ eMitter Pro 25-100 m efficient highly protected/ world market leader in home automation
GSM (2G, 3G und 4G) ✅ eMitter Outdoor Direct irrelevant, sendet direktirrelevant, sends directly OK safe and easy set-up
NB IoT ✅ eMitter Pro irrelevant, sends directly efficient safe and easy set-up
WLAN ❌ not recommended 10 m high lack of security
LoRaWan ❌ not recommended 100-200 m OK open private user network
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Digital trap systems

The right trap for every case

emitter router


  • The digital solution in pest control
  • All traps can be seen all day
  • Saves money and time
eMitter Outdoor Direct


  • No matter where, no matter when: The status of the trap is always in view
  • No controller or router required
  • Perfectly adapted for Gorilla Traps rat trap
emitter pestcam


  • The first camera for pest monitoring
  • Fully integrated with the eMitter app
  • Waterproof and with rechargeable batteries
emitter beep


  • Acoustic pest detector
  • Battery with up to three years runtime
  • Perfect for amateur use in private households, offices etc.


The Gorilla traps, as a standalone version, or in combination with eMitter digital trap control system and the Nara products are in line with the requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards.



What happens when you buy eMitter?

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Acquire knowledge

The first step is to develop knowledge about the eMitter products. This can be done in three different ways:

1. digital training via zoom
2. in-house training at Futura
3. external training at customer site

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The second step is the setup/installation. There are two possibilities for this, which build on the knowledge gained. Either you carry out the installation yourself or you assign a technician who will professionally carry out the installation throughout Germany.

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Let's go!

In the following form you can select and book your individual setup. An eMitter expert will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

eMitter Online Portal

emitter online portal

The eMitter online portal offers everything demanding companies expect.

As shown above, all this in one simple operation. Clients are informed, floor plans uploaded, infestation reports retrieved, statistics viewed and so much more. The integration of the individual components, such as traps and controllers is very simply carried out on site via the app.


Everything under control

Notification by e-mail or eMitter app

With notifications via SMS, mail or mobile apps for Android and iOS

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Online course about digitl pest control

Futura has relied on digital systems such as eMitter from the very beginning. A simple, but extremely effective and clear system that enables the monitoring of pest infestation online from any place and at any time.

In the webinar series you will find 15 videos on the topic of "Digital Pest Control". In detail, they cover topics such as wireless standards, app applications, sensors and much more.

Host digitale Pest Control Webinar
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"During this long period of development Futura has always been a loyal partner who shares and implements strategic as well as technological developments and innovations with Desinfecta, thus revolutionising the pest control industry in a sustainable way".

- Simon Gross, Head of digital products/customer advice

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