Gorilla Traps

Honestly, we never intended to build traps. But, the search for the perfect trap for our digital eMitter sensors and NARA® monitors finally led us here as we couldn't find anything in the world that met our standards. German engineering means probably the highest quality professional trap in the world. We are proud we are the only mouse snap trap to have received the §18 IfSG certification, as "humane" pest control is extremely important to us. Gorilla Traps are a non-toxic and accredited humane alternative and therefore the first "go-to" product for use against rodents. Poison? You can do without it!


AIB confirms that Gorilla traps, as a standalone version, or in combination with eMitter digital trap control system and the Nara products are in line with the requirements of the AIB International Consolidated Standards.



Gorilla Traps Mausefalle
Gorilla Traps Ratte Gedreht

The big boy

Gorilla Traps mouse

The Gorilla Trap for mice is the most humane mousetrap on the market. It is the first trap that has been approved according to $18 of the German Animal Protection Act.

The bigger boy

Gorilla Traps Rat

In addition to the usual Gorilla Traps quality, the big brother also has some more features on board. On the underside the spring tension of the pressure plate can be adjusted, so that the trap only triggers on rats or even lighter animals.

The pressure plate also has passive sensor technology, which uses an eMitter system to ensure that you can read the exact status of the trap and also detect when rodents are running over an unsprung trap.

emitter Snapbox

§18 certified use of the mouse trap in a snapbox

Gorilla Traps Verstellmöglichkeiten

Adjustable at the rat trap


100% compatible with

nara Lure

For effective surveillance, we have designed our NARA Lure to fit perfectly into the GorillaTraps snap traps.

Nara Lure in Gorilla Traps

Digitizable with our


All Gorilla Traps are the perfect complement to our eMitter products. A perfect match of intelligent pest control.

eMitter Runbox Pro

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