With GreenHero® we have been able to use our knowledge of green and sustainable alternatives to harmful chemicals in a way that benefits both humans and animals. What began as a venture, took us completely by surprise when demand in the first year went through the roof. We started with green repellents against pests, but now our focus is on the closely related animal care market, where we are now very successful, especially via online shops and Amazon. Today, we have over 100,000 satisfied customers in our GreenHero community in the DACH area.

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Rodents are nimble, smart and often find their way to places where they can be dangerous to people.

At GreenHero we focus on not killing the rodents, but making their stay as unpleasant as possible and thus scaring them away. Through the use of essential oils, whose odors deter the rodents, they avoid the treated area. Rodent control with Green Hero saves the rodents from unnecessary suffering.


Control with thermal means

Insects cannot be driven away easily. They find their way to food.

The solution is special aerosols or control with thermal agents such as our frost spray.

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We always look for the most humane solution to any problem
We always look for the most humane solution to any problem
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Natural animal care

In addition to our environmentally friendly means of combating pests, with GreenHero we also offer a wide range of pet care and hygiene products.

Behind "GreenHero Animal Health" is the vision to rethink animal care and pet food supplements. Big words combined with a mission we have been dedicated to for a long time.



On our YouTube channel, as well as in our Futura-Shop Blog, we also give tips on pest control for your home.


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