Pest control in Slovenia, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is featured this week. Positioned at the crossroads between Western & Eastern Europe and with a population of just over two million, Talking Pest Management is delighted to welcome Zlatko Dakiċ.

Zlatko Dakiċ is the owner and CEO of the pest control company, DDD d.o.o. The company is based in Koper, a port city in Slovenia, on the country’s Adriatic coastline.

Formed in 1990, DDD originally specialised in fumigation within the port and its containers. However, when the port was blockaded for six months in 2016, to survive the company added more general pest control services which were extended throughout Slovenia. With a compliment of eight technicians, Zlatko estimates his company holds a 70% share of the home market.

Zlatko is also much involved with CEPA and since 2018 he has acted as the CEPA Certified Scheme Leader. CEPA Certified recognises ability and professionalism – our interview host, Daniel Schröer – thanked Zlatko for all his endeavours, and encouraged the industry to support Zlatko to help build a better world of pest management.

Asked about his experiences of the recent coronavirus pandemic, like most of us, Zlatko said this took the company by surprise. With the country’s borders closed, there was a period of readjustment. However, work in the port continued uninterrupted and, amazingly, production in the flour mills increased some 300%. Ideal for home baking!

Pest control was not deemed a key service in Slovenia and, interestingly, disinfection services remained within the professional remit of the cleaning industry.