The use of high tech data collection and the mapping of diseases transmitted by insects, in particular the Asian tiger mosquito, is the topic of this week’s interview with Guy Hendrickx of Avia-GIS.

Based in Zoersel, near Antwerp in Belgium, Guy is the managing director of Avia-GIS, a small privately-owned research company founded in 2001. The company operates within the agricultural and animal health sectors, but the interview concentrates on Guy’s involvement with public health – in particular data collection and risk mapping via Vecmap of insects, in particular the increasing prevalence of the Asian tiger mosquito.
Discussed in this interview:

The use of mapping and data collection in the identification of risks posed by disease carrying insects;
The role commercial researchers and NGOs can play in their monitoring, planning and then control;
Where to and how, the Asian tiger mosquito has spread over the last 20 years in Europe;
Whether mosquitoes can transmit corona-virus?

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