The Emitter Pro Ecosystem is designed for all sizes of businesses and is infinitely expandable. Emitter Pro relies on a secure setup of transmitters in the traps, with long range repeaters for long ranges and gateways with SIM card for highest security. For over 15 years, professionals internationally have relied on Emitter Pro for the most demanding requirements. We are proud that with Made in Germany quality we still support the first systems from 2009 with over 99.9% availability, which is the highest quality predicate in cloud IT.

The way it works is very simple: when activated, the 868Mhz transmitters send a strong signal to a signal amplifier (“router”), which sends the signal up to 1.5 kilometers away to a central gateway (“Controlelr”) and informs you via app, mail or online portal. Arbitrarily expandable for small companies up to large enterprises as well as entire cities.


We are proud that Emitter Pro has been used in over 30 countries by leading companies for over 10 years. Quality and durability, Made in Germany, are attributes on which we place great value in production. In addition: easy installation within seconds, great after-sales support and trainings, good and flexible pricing structures, flexibility in use and much more.

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Emitter® Outdoor Long Range for Rats and Mice

LongRange transmitter with “catch / empty catch detection” for rats as well as mice

Emitter® Indoor Switch for Mousetraps

Patented transmitter for trap boxes like Snapbox or Swopbox

Emitter® Indoor Rocker for Mouse Tunnel

Tunnel trap transmitter WITHOUT battery (EX protected, long life 10+ years) for Runbox, Speed-Break and more.

Emitter® Indoor Rocker for Mouse Tunnel

Tunnel trap transmitter WITH battery (daily signals, 7 years battery) for runbox, speed break and more.


Emitter® Pro Router

Amplifies the signal from the transmitters by up to 1,500 meters.

Emitter® Pro Controller

Receives all signals from the Emitter® system and informs you directly by 4G, NB IoT or CAT-M via smartphone.


tter works perfectly with third-party software solutions from the leading vendors. We have been working with these partners internationally for many years. Feel free to ask us for details on how you too can manage your Emitter traps with our partners.

For our enterprise customers, we also offer custom integration with your own software via API. For over 10 years we have been operating a highly secure and modern API interface to proprietary software solutions from leading pest control companies.

Emitter setup in 3 steps

Your first steps with digital traps from Emitter®.


The first step is to gain knowledge about the Emitter products. This can happen in three different ways:

  1. Digital training via VideoCall, chat or telephone
  2. In-house training at Futura Office
  3. External training at your or your customer’s site


The first step is to gain knowledge about the Emitter products. This can happen in three different ways:

  1. Digital training via VideoCall, chat or telephone
  2. In-house training at Futura Office
  3. External training at your or your customer’s site

Let's go!

In the form below you can book your individual and non-binding appointment for consultation. Following this, an Emitter expert will contact you to schedule an appointment.

What our customers say about Emitter® Pro

Desinfecta is an innovative Swiss pest control company. As a pioneer in digital pest control, Desinfecta began rolling out digital traps to its customers across the country as early as 2009. The Desinfecta and Futura team has been working hand-in-hand for over 10 years.

“We rely on Emitter because it meets the highest standards for reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness, and it protects our environment by totally eliminating toxins.”

Jürg Aebischer, CEO Desinfecta AG


Management, evaluation, statistics + much more

Emitter software offers everything that demanding companies expect.

Our software is characterized above all by ease of use. This is where customers are managed, floor plans are uploaded, infestation reports are accessed, statistics are viewed and more. The individual IoT devices can be integrated in seconds, simply via app or online. Emitter can be used by your entire team via app, and there is also a free customer app where your customers can manage their alerts. We also work with leading vendors such as Nector, PestScan, Hygitec and offer custom API solutions.


Digital pest control in your hand

At a glance you can see your customer list, number of devices, releases, new images and much more. New devices can be installed within seconds via QR code scan. You get alerts about new catches directly on the app and can manage alerts precisely (e.g.: “2 mice caught, type: musculus, location: camp 34 at the door) and add photos of the catches. Get images captured by Emitter Cam or Emitter PestCam directly to your smartphone and have them analyzed with AI.

Download the Emitter® app now for free

Available in 9 languages.

The professional system since 2010

“We are proud to have nearly 100,000 Emitter Pro devices running at leading end customers since 2010 with over 99.99% server availability, which is above the German cloud average. The long range repeaters can reach up to 1.500m to the gateways with SIM card and therefore you can connect an unlimited number of traps. A true, dynamic professional system that works with 10+ different boxes such as Speed-Break, Snapbox and Runbox, as well as rat and mouse traps and transmitters for any size operation. You can choose to use transmitters without battery (with patented, kinetic energy generation) or with rechargeable battery (3+ years runtime, rechargeable), allowing you to expand the system as you wish. Due to there being only one SIM card in the central gateway, the total cost of ownership and ongoing costs for Emitter Pro are very manageable and scalable.”

Daniel Schröer, CEO Futura GmbH

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