NARA: Non Allergen Rodent Articles.
The key to Nara was “non-allergenic” and “non-toxic”, and that is still the core of the broad Nara range.

Nara Bloc – for rodent monitoring in block format
Nara Stic – rodent monitoring for traps in the form of a rod that fits most rat and mouse traps.
Nara Spray – as a reactivating spray for all the above products for refreshing and generally for more sustainable and long-lasting use of pest control products.

Nara was invented in the 2010s. The Bloc came out first, followed shortly by the Stic. Nara Spray came out in 2016.
In the first years until 2014, there were no copies of Nara. Most people thought Nara was a nice concept, but it was harshly criticized because it was not toxic and most pest controllers still preferred toxins.
In 2014, the first copies appeared, one from Italy, one from China, one from the USA. All are gone today, while NARA has become the byword for non-toxic rodent control products – like Coca Cola for a “cola” drink.

Pest managers used digital devices to learn more about what was happening in their stations. Over the years, most studies by major companies have shown: 95% of the boxes remain untouched, so why replace toxins in them every week/month?
In addition, most organic poison baits or even non-toxic organic baits were quickly rotted, infested with mold, or infested with insects.

This was not the case with Nara, as it is synthetic. No mold, no insect infestation – it simply lasted up to a year or more, which professional pest controllers greatly appreciated and more and more Nara was sold.

In addition, organic bait fed rodents, which means that you help rodents survive… That’s just crazy.
Nara does not feed – it just smells good. Rodents nibble on it to see if there is food under the cover, but there is not. Thus, they do not feed on nara, but leave appropriate bite marks.
Most pest control companies have switched from poison to Nara because when a rat/mouse is detected by NARA or by them or their customers, action can be taken, while the 24/7/365 poison approach should soon be a thing of the past. Not only because it is toxic, but also because it is tremendously expensive.
But of course also because the use of NARA is greener and more ecological.
In Italy alone, by switching to Nara products, we have been able to replace over 15 tons of poison and save over €50,000 on pest controllers through saved visits.

In addition, Nara is the only monitoring device that safely monitors the presence of rodents and is also approved by leading international food standards such as IFS and AIB, which have proactively recommended Nara for many years.

No, Nara is only for monitoring / controlling the presence of rodents.
For the killing/control of rodents we recommend state-approved traps according to §18 IfSG or similar professional recoil traps and IPM measures such as repelling, proofing and others.

It fits Gorilla Traps® rat and mouse traps, Kness and Bell models and also most “China Copies”. Thanks to the dual-fit technology, Nara fits both trap models: rat and mouse traps.
However, we recommend Gorilla Traps® because they are government approved according to §18 and the Blue Angel (https://www.blauer-engel.de/de) and it is expected that in the near future only approved and professional traps can be legally used by end users or / and trained professionals.
The traps cost more or less the same, so we recommend switching to professional traps.

Yes, absolutely. The block gives rodents much more room to nibble, and the shape is really made for nibbling species like rodents that naturally need to nibble.

They last at least 3 months, but can sometimes last up to a year or more, depending on circumstances or where they are applied. Use Nara spray to “refresh” and reactivate them for another lifetime.

Chocolate nut, fish, meat, vanilla and mango.

Experts usually recommend using different flavors at once (mixing them) or using something “different”, e.g. “fish” in a bakery or “chocolate” in a plastic goods store, etc. ….
Be creative and try it yourself, you will be surprised by the results.
Most flavors work very well, but probably chocolate, vanilla, and meat sell best….
Mango was also specially developed for vegetarian roof rats (black rats), which love vegetarian fruits.

Do you think using chocolate cream like Nutella or others is professional? They rot and mold, and after only 2 weeks no rodent would touch them. They also contain nuts and allergens. This should really be avoided.
Nara holds all certificates, is recommended by AIB, IFS and their customers, and is used millions of times by the largest and most trusted pest control companies in the world.

We sell Nara Stic in eco-bags of 100 pieces and Nara Bloc in 2 sizes: 20 and 75 pieces in the same eco-bags.
Nara Spray is available either individually or in boxes of 12.
In addition, all Nara Stic and Bloc eco-bags are supplied in boxes of 12.

Oh, that’s our secret, but there are many millions and we are proud of each one, because without Nara, someone would probably have used poison. We are confident that we have already saved 100,000 tons of poison on this globe, which cannot be dangerous to non-target animals such as owls, eagles, mountain lions or fish.

All over the world, thanks to our global shipping from Germany, but also through the world’s largest retailers and distributors of professional pest control products. If you have any difficulties: Amazon or our webshop – our team will send it to you literally anywhere, New Zealand, Philippines, China, Japan, USA, Africa, America or Europe…

It is made 100% in Germany from mostly already recycled plastic. In addition, Nara can be recycled again for production, which we are very proud of. We will also launch an organic nara in 2022 that is 100% biodegradable and 100% bacteria-eatable, just like an apple or banana. Nara not only helps to be more environmentally friendly, it is environmentally friendly by nature.

Nara is made of the highest quality synthetic thermoplastics produced in Germany. Most of them are already recycled and can also be recycled. In addition, we have been using allergen-free, synthetic fragrances from Germany for years for a familiar, intense and long-lasting aroma.
Nara is especially suitable for the food industry and meets the highest quality standards such as IFS and AIB.

Most Nara Blocs are simply placed in a bait station/rodent box or on a cable tie attached directly to a building or wall. Most rodent boxes have a steel rod onto which the Nara Bloc format can be pressed or slid. In this way, it fits into 99.9% of all boxes and the rodents can enjoy their snacking pleasure in peace. Once opened or captured by an eMitter IoT camera, our human or artificial intelligence – in the presence of rodents – detects activity based on the visible bite marks on the Nara Bloc.
Did you know? Digital monitoring with Nara is very popular! Most of our customers combine an IoT sensor, trap or camera with Nara monitoring products.

Monitoring detects rodent activity so that a professional can take care of getting rid of the rodents or controlling the infestation with various means such as traps or IPM.

While this is no secret, most companies you ask would probably quietly smile and agree. Also, did you know that rodent scientists like Dr. Robert Corrigan and Grahame Turner recommend Nara because they say, “Rodent monitoring with Nara is so basic, it’s the first step you need to take in your pest management program before you use poison or other chemicals: Monitoring and IPM.”