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Actually, we are a strictly digital company and with our B2B and B2C online stores, all information and products are *actually* available 24/7 transparently and agilely for you on . But still: With the growing product portfolio we decided to provide a catalog or rather a magazine with our top sellers and information about our company for you.


In the magazine, we not only provide insights into our product portfolio, …

We will also show you the innovations in our eMitter app, introduce our service team and give you an outlook on which products you can still be excited about.

“We work extremely closely with the Futura team because we value a trusting and very collegial relationship. It is important to us to make everything possible for our customers, so business metrics were especially relevant to us, and Futura’s flexibility helped us roll out eMitter® smoothly to larger customers. […] This makes teamwork fun.”

Lukas Bartels, CEO Rattex

Desinfecta has been an innovative pest control company in Switzerland since 1921. The partnership between Desinfecta and Futura began almost 10 years ago.

Read in the magazine what Desinfecta and other customers report about the cooperation with Futura.

In the interview, you can also read how Daniel Schröer sees the future of the industry and what tips he has to ensure that your company will still be fit for the future in 10 or 20 years’ time.

And much more!

Don’t miss it: In the magazine, we give a preview of which exciting product will soon be introduced.

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