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Pest control through the ages

Publisher: Mill + Mixed Feed (08/23)

A new era is taking place in pest control services for milling and animal feed operations.

Monitoring and IoT in the food industry

Publisher: Hygiene Report (04/22)

In this interview, Daniel Schröer talks about smart concepts for pest control in food operations.

Digital solutions - Monitoring for the 21st Century

Publisher: (02/22)

In this article, Sebastian Junge reports on the advantages and the ever-increasing importance of digital monitoring.

Going remote: Digital rodent monitoring

Publisher: PPM - Professional Pest Manager (09/22)

International journalist Frances McKim reviews the advances being made with digital products in pest control.

Organic goods and pests

Publisher: Rundschau für Fleischhygiene und Lebensmittelüberwachung (01/20)

Thomas F. Voigt on the special challenges of pest control for organic goods

The new IFS version 7 and the topic of pests

Publisher: Rundschau für Fleischhygiene und Lebensmittelüberwachung (01/20)

Thomas F. Voigt on the changes in the important IFS food standard.

Food establishments must monitor pest control measures

Publisher: Rundschau für Fleischhygiene und Lebensmittelüberwachung (01/20)

Thomas F. Voigt reports on the great challenge food companies are facing with the new IFS 7 version.

Remote monitoring

Publisher: PCN (09/20)

With more remote monitoring systems arriving on the UK market it seems digital monitoring is here to stay. Large company investment from the likes of Bayer and Bell Laboratories are a concrete sign that remote rodent monitoring systems are not going anywhere.

TPM - Hear global experts speak on the future of pest management

Publisher: FAOPMA Magazine (07/20)

Your FAOPMA Magazine Chief Editor was the latest guest to be interviewed by Daniel Schröer as part of the Talking Pest Management video series.

Interview with Peter Trotman

Publisher: Plague Magazine (01/20)

In this article Peter Trotman, until relatively recently managing director at Mitie Pest Control and now MD for the digital technology-based business, Pest Pulse, explains why digital is the way forward for professional pest managers.

Artificial intelligence against pests

Publisher: DpS (11/19)

Gimmick or supporting vision of the future? – Let’s imagine a future where every trap for mice, rats, moths, cockroaches, beetles, ants, and flying insects is equipped with sensors and a small camera….

New Products

Publisher: Plague Magazine (07/18)

Attached to the leaflet inserted in this issue is a sample Gorilla pad. The re-useable pads are ideal to affix bait boxes and…

Gorilla Pads

Publisher: Plague Magazine (07/18)

101 ideas – Here in the Pest office we were sent in advance samples of the Gorilla pads – the pad attached to the insert with this magazine.

Sensor Products

Publisher: Pest Management Professional (02/18)

Since 2006, Futura has delivered a wide variety of digital pest management products worldwide. The eMitter differentiates between catch and no catch; left unset, it also detects movement in the box. The PestCam is Futura’s newest tool to record pictures on-site and push into the eMitter app.

Competition & news

Publisher: Plague Magazine (09/16)

David Lodge from south London-based Beaver Pest Control sent in this amazing picture taken by one of the company’s technicians, Marius Amariei. What’s the chance of two field mice being caught simultaneously in the same trap? Certainly this is proof that the NARA non-toxic are attractive.

External rodent monitoring

Publisher: Plague Magazine (09/16)

With proactive use of rodenticide externally now prohibited, how can you monitor for external rodent infestation? When the CRRU stewardship requirements were first mooted, Mitie Pest Control considered the options and decided what they termed ‘Latent Boxes’ was the way forward.

Additions to the rodent menu

Publisher: Plague Magazine (03/16)

Offering all the same attractive, non-toxic, allergen free benefits of the original blue mushroom shaped NARA and NARA bloc, comes two new variations.

Remote monitoring

Publisher: Plague Magazine (07/15)

A significant proportion – likely between 10-20% – of food manufacturing sites have a resident rodent population. This shocking statistic formed the basis of a talk presented by Dr John Simmons of Acheta Consulting in one of the seminars presented during PestEx 2015.

presenting the new eMitter cloud

Publisher: IPC (06/15)

Presenting the new eMitter Cloud based pest control solution. Being known as a producer of connected rodent traps since 2006 and in delivering these to leading pest control operators worldwide, Futura is opening its doors to other manufacturers and technology suppliers.

New traps looking for a home

Publisher: Plague Magazine (04/14)

Traps seem to be the ‘flavor of the month’ at the moment. Out and about recently we have come across a series of new and inn ovotive traps as revealed here, yet these have yet to appear on the UK professional merket.

Mice control with impact traps

Publisher: DpS (11/13)

Effective mice control only with impact traps – is that possible? Oliver Klute and Kai Scheffler report on an operation in the store of a retail chain in which exactly that was attempted. The initial situation: a mice infestation that had been dealt with up to that point, but apparently not effectively enough.

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