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Our mission was clear from the beginning: we want to make sustainable and toxin-free pest control possible. While food standards and legislation are quite rightly tolerating toxins less and less, there are completely new approaches to solutions with our products. These include strong, digital traps that kill animals briefly and with little pain, and non-toxic technology for prevention and monitoring.

But when we talk about sustainability, we don’t just mean saving rodenticides. As a company, we try to make our contribution to a sustainable and intact environment in all areas. That is why we have also been awarded the title of climate-neutral company. On this page, you can read about what we are specifically doing to achieve this and how we can also help your company to become more sustainable.


Sustainability and ESG at Futura

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How Futura's vision is making the planet more sustainable on a large scale:

1. futura manufactures products that replace toxins. We are very proud to have developed the world’s first IoT mousetrap in 2006 and a number of other green products besides. By using our products, you can get rid of environmentally harmful products such as rat and mouse poison and work more effectively, sustainably and economically. As a result, fewer and fewer poisons and toxins are entering circulation. All with the goal of changing the world of pest control from using 99% poison to only 1%. You think that’s crazy? No, dozens of professional companies have proven that it is possible with our effective products and IPM measures. You want more facts? Talk to our consultants, we will be happy to give you insight into different case studies and evidence. We are proud to be transforming this $30 billion industry from “chemical” to “sustainable.”

2. our IoT devices are poised to scale globally and transform our industry from routine human control to 24/7 control through our smart and AI-driven cameras and traps. This will potentially reduce pest presence by over 50% and reduce the amount of chemicals used by over 90%. We would be happy to give you an insight into different case studies of our customers in a personal meeting, including globally successful corporations that have managed to do just that: remove 99% of toxins, eliminate 90% of the human controls previously required, use digital traps and greatly reduce the presence of rats and mice.

3. in one year alone, we were able to save our partner company in Italy the use of 848,520 poison baits or 12.7 tons of rodenticides. Our experts estimate that our products reduce the use of poisons by over 100 tons per year (!) worldwide. We are proud of this, as it leaves a lasting footprint for our planet and for future generations.

4. our production of IoT devices, but also of hardware products for professionals, takes place exclusively in Germany, which we are proud of because of CO2 reduction, but also because quality is important to us. In addition, the granules and plastic compounds we use are recycled as much as possible, and our products can also be recycled to leave an even smaller footprint on this planet.

5. Most of our products can be remanufactured either by yourself or by us. For example, our IoT sensors receive updates and can be used for many more years without any problems. We believe in durable quality, refurbishment and reusability.
6. we use biodegradable raw materials, so some of our products, which are used in large quantities and partly in nature, can be degraded by bacteria within a few years. So they leave no trace in the environment, rivers or the sea. With our popular Nara® brand, we are launching the first biodegradable products in pest control. We are also working tirelessly to achieve 100% biodegradability for other products.


Climate neutral company

We do our best to minimize the emissions generated by our work. You can find out how we do this further down this page. However, in order to reduce our carbon footprint even further, we invest in a climate protection project run by the ClimatePartner organization, for which we have been awarded the status of a climate-neutral company.

The principle of climate neutrality

Climate protection projects have been proven to save greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming. In addition, they promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving the supply of clean drinking water, expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs or protecting biodiversity.

A globally recognized yardstick for measuring these positive effects is provided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals include, for example, combating poverty and hunger, promoting education, and spreading clean and affordable energy worldwide.

Each climate protection project from the ClimatePartner portfolio contributes to several of these goals. To make this effect visible, ClimatePartner shows the contribution of individual projects to the various SDGs for each project. This allows you to understand what other goals the projects support in addition to climate protection. In some projects, the additional contribution is so large that, at their core, they are actually development projects with a climate protection effect – and not the other way around.

The ClimateMap offers a selection of worldwide climate protection projects with background information, pictures and videos. There you can filter by regions, technologies, SDGs and certification standards.


1. remote work: Most of our 40+ employees work remotely from various locations in Germany. This alone saves us over 5,000,000 kilometers a year. This not only saves us a lot of CO2, but also the valuable time of our employees.
2. solar panels: with our solar panels we can cover most of our electricity needs. During very sunny periods of the year, we even return the excess energy to energy companies for use in your home.
3. electric vehicles: We believe in the electrification of cars and support this at our site near Paderborn with eight charging stations. This allows employees and customers to charge their vehicles without any problems. The new cars we purchase will also be exclusively electric.

4. bee population: we have live bee population in our garden, manage the environment with the population and share our own honey with friends and customers.
5. insect-friendly environment: In 2018, we transformed the surroundings of our Paderborn headquarters from “perfectly mowed lawns” to “wildflower meadows” so that insects and other animals can live a natural life. We are pleased to be able to contribute to a natural habitat in this way.
6. perches for birds of prey: we have installed many perches for owls, buzzards and hawks to rest naturally and monitor the rodents around our company. This natural form of pest control is widespread in Germany. We are pleased to help protect these animals, many of which may have died if regular pesticides and biocides had been used. We do it differently and are proud of it.
7. vegetarian food: Our cook Juliana cooks every day for our whole team. She buys fresh food and cooks vegetarian dishes inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi. This allows us to provide our team with the best possible source of energy and delicious lunch on site. By not eating meat, we are also reducing CO2 emissions here, as meat production is one of the main contributors to CO2 emissions on our planet.


Futura Refurbished extends the life of various products. As good as new, slightly used products are refurbished by hand, their software updated or hardware parts replaced.

Step 1:

Our team of experts inspects and approves the products, otherwise they cannot be reused for a second life or extended life.

Step 2:

Our products are given a condition grade by the team – like new, slightly used or with cosmetic defects.

Step 3:

Each product is carefully cleaned and disinfected. If necessary, the products also receive new hardware parts such as a new metal housing, a new antenna or a new connector. Of course, an update to our latest software will also take place.

Step 4:

Refurbished products are returned to the customer who requested the update or refurbishment.


Futura can play a big role in helping you achieve your ESG goals

Let’s say you are an international, publicly traded food company. Due to the EU Taxonomy Regulation, large investment funds and banks will have to adjust their investments from 2022. You can’t invest based on a good story or a good P/E ratio. ESG (Environment Social Governance) will also be a mandatory investment for you. If one takes a look at the pest control and annual reports of large, publicly traded companies, it becomes clear that, for example, CO2 is to be reduced mainly by reducing controls or optimizing routine service models performed by humans. For example, the CEO of Anticimex was quoted as saying, ” IoT Pest control is the next best thing to sliced bread.” He is right. Why?
Because IoT helps improve pest control 24/7, allowing them to reduce your scaled routine visits by over 90%. Moreover, our IoT sensors last more than 10 years and cost less than 100€.

Thanks to our digital IoT products as well as analog solutions, you have a direct and scalable improvement of ESG:

  • 90-100% proven reduction potential of toxins (rat poison), which have a significant, negative impact on sustainability.
  • 50-90% reduction in routine visits and miles driven, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and massively reducing the risk of car accidents, which in turn has a positive impact on insurance companies.
  • Additional time saved by changing the business model strategy, which can be invested in growth and diversification of the service (up- and cross-selling, IPM measures).
  • Better and faster pest control through 24/7 digital monitoring and direct action for long-lasting pest-free environments.

EU taxonomy regulation drives ESG and sustainable investments

Finally, it has become law to invest in sustainable companies. Our products help international pest management companies focus on ESG and secure ESG-approved investments for decades to come. Food, supermarket and pharmaceutical companies are also securing their ESG optimization through the use of sustainable and IoT pest control products on a global scale.

Large, responsible companies cannot afford to have their subcontractors continue to routinely use toxins, perpetuating high, unnecessary, CO2 emissions.

Big money goes green

In the next decade, renowned food standards, pest control biocide law, and EU taxonomy regulation will force companies to widely install digital IoT solutions to improve their ESG. Otherwise, large investments in publicly traded companies or value creation for privately or PE-owned companies will stagnate, even come to a halt. It’s a race to see who can become the most digital and green company first, as most haven’t even started yet, or have just started.

ESG is very important for pest control

It’s actually a very positive change when more sustainability and more technology go hand in hand, as they don’t cost more overall and control pests much better. To quote some of the greatest minds in pest control, “It’s a no brainer.” It’s a win-win situation, even though the transition from a routine analog service provider to a green IoT or SAAS company can be challenging.

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