Alternative Methods of Pest Control

Take a deep breath and prepare to feel exhausted by this week’s guest – Heiko Kaiser – or as he is often called ‘Hyper Heiko’!

Based in Rotorua, located on the North Island of New Zealand, Heiko is the founder and owner of pest control company ALPECO (Alternative Pest Control), as well as involved with product sales, BRC insect lights and Designed-2-Kill (D2K), a company specialising in non-toxic pest control products.

However Heiko is probably best known for his work with bed bugs.

For over 25 years Heiko worked in Germany and New Zealand within the food and hospitality industries before immigrating to New Zealand some 20 years ago. So, becoming involved with bed bugs within the hotel industry was something of a natural progression. His emphasis is very much on non-toxic treatments and he has become well known for his work with heat creating the Thermo-bug system. This is with high temperatures, over 55°C, but sometimes also uses freezing. Chemicals are only used as and when totally necessary.

Heiko now builds his own specialized heaters and treatment equipment and has recently diversified treating borer (common furniture beetle) in containers and is proud to announce he has recently been certified to legally undertake these treatments in France.

Responding to the coronavirus crisis Heiko and BRC have developed a product, shortly to be released, to kill coronavirus. Pests and viruses offer comparable strategies.

Another project he is working on, in conjunction with Vodafone, is combining remote monitoring technology with traps in wildlife sanctuaries to save native species. This high tech approach appeals to a younger generation of volunteers. Sensors, drones and automated traps are the future.