This time in conversation with Thomas Auer, Auditor at American Institute of Baking (AIB), about the recently published IFS 7 guideline. Thomas Auer finds clear words and discusses the new guideline with Daniel Schröer from Futura, who was involved in the IFS 7 guideline as a guideline consultant.

Dozens of experts and associations have been working on the new “standard” for almost 3 years, and now it is here. Like the AIB, the IFS goes to extreme lengths to address IPM. So prevention, monitoring, and physical and biological alternatives that have not been widely embraced in recent years, but are now being demanded. Of course, it’s also about a more sustainable way to manage pests, as many rodenticides are typically used within “permanent baiting or permanent baiting” . The EU Green Deal and leading customers and pest control companies have communicated clearly: there must be less rodenticides. The IFS as well as the AIB have been demanding this for a long time, but now with even more expression and commitment.

IFS has analyzed all the data from the past audits and realized that prevention as well as sustainable alternatives also have a good effect in terms of fast and sustainable control.
In addition, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions such as digital traps and sensors were recommended, which IFS, AIB customers have been working with for a long time. These solutions allow early detection and 24-7 monitoring – great advantages that Thomas Auer has also known and appreciated for years.
It’s clear which direction the future is heading and these topics are discussed in detail in the podcast.
In addition, there are more and more rumors in the DACH area regarding new regulations – Thomas and Daniel address these and discuss potential scenarios.

Listen in now so you too can be prepared – no matter what.