Thousands of companies in Europe in the Pest Management sector are facing yet another crisis, the Corona Pandemic.
In most countries Pest Managers were assigned as key workers luckily, but also some others stood still.
Henry Mott, about his own UK business, about his role as the President of CEPA – our EU Association – and about a very special advice what companies should avoid to not risk their existence, when businesses start to move on post-covid19.

There are changes for us, for sure. Some re-allocate their business 180°, some continue as usual.
Some have money in the bank and profit from the strength they now – comparatively – have gained through this crisis, some others, mainly the large Private Equity driven Corporates, might suffer from Cash Flow Issues. Chances and changes for the industry.

Henry also pointed out that the pasts crisis has been very good for the industry and our strong clientele and relevant service of pest control for human health and safety can also profit from this pandemic with increased sensitivity and reduced tolerance for pests around the globe.

Henry talked with Daniel Schröer, CEO of Futura Germany, Host of Talking Pest Management, supported by Pest Magazin UK and DpS Magazine Germany