Ep.11 Exclusive Bayer insights

Richard Moseley is technical manager for the Bayer Pest Solutions team in the UK, having been involved within the professional pest control industry for more than two decades.
Richard shares his opinions and experiences of working in pest management in the current Covid-19 situation. Everyone has had to find new ways to operate and communicate, for example through online events and webinars. But Richard is quick to point out this information transfer is not “a one-way street. Information back from practical pest controllers is equally important.”

Throughout, the challenges posed by pests remain. In fact, in these difficult times, pest activity can make an already difficult situation even worse – for example the shutting down of a busy food factory or a stressed hospital ward. The correct choice and use of appropriate products and formulations is vital – “the right product in the right place,” he explains.

Access to some sites can be problematic so Richard views the increased use of remote technology as becoming even more important. Lessons can be learned through limited access. This generates greater knowledge and more data – in fact it can “future-proof” pest management by putting controls in place – a view we totally agree with him.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential service performed by pest managers – a role recognized by society by declaring them as key workers. This offers the industry at large the opportunity to elevate its status to one of competent and trained people using new technology.
We will surely revisit Richard in the next months for another interview to see how Bayer is coping with the crisis and supporting its clients and distributors further.

Thanks Richard for your time and insights, it’s been a pleasure.