The similarities – bed bugs & Covid with Stephen Doggett, Westmead hospital, Sydney, Australia.
Bed bugs and Covid-19 form the major content in this interview with Stephen Doggett, head of medical entomology at Westmead hospital in Sydney, Australia. Although mosquitoes and the threats of mosquito borne disease make up the bulk of Stephen’s work, he is undoubtedly most well known as an internationally leader in bed bug biology.

In 2006, Stephen was chief editor the world’s first Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bug Infestations (…), now into its fourth edition and was also the author of the handy guide to bed bugs, ‘Do You Have Bed Bugs’, which has been translated into six languages. However, he was the driving force behind what is certainly the first academic book for 50 years on bed bugs – Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs ( He is also editor of the Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers’ Association (FAOMPA – newsletter which is available to all and is free to download.

In this very topical interview Stephen presents his thoughts on the great similarities regarding the current position concerning Covid-19 and bed bugs.
To aid the listener, minute markers are shown below as to which topics are discussed where in the interview.

– Minute 01.40 – the similarities between the treatment and management of Covid-19 and bed bug infestations using the pandemic plan prepared by Taiwan for SARS as the example;
– Minute 05.10 – the importance of acting early and quickly if bed bugs are detected so preventing their spread. Also the importance of testing and surveillance, just as needs to be done with Covid-19. Without co-operation you will fail;
– Minute 08.35 – the importance of consistent factual messaging, just as Taiwan achieved with Covid-19. For both situations, fake news and dubious products to be denounced – quality science to be applauded;
– Minute 09.55 – money spent up front is a wise investment;
– Minute 12.12 – how bed bugs and Covid-19 will change society;
– Minute 16.45 – what of the future for hotels with people traveling less? Social housing likely to be a major problem;
– Minute 19.10 – what methods of control for the future? Pesticides, vacuuming, heat, traps and digital equipment are discussed.