Mark Porter is CEO and founder of his own family business, Porter’s Pest Control based in Morden, South London. He has been in the industry for 17 years, and for nearly four years has run his own business, Porter’s Pest Control.

A few years ago Mark got “famous” for his bed bug video in which he treated thousands and thousands of bed bugs in a London property. This received literally millions of clicks on Facebook. Since then his business has flourished and so has his reputation with both clients and within the industry.

In contrast to other CEOs, Mark is very hands-on and observant when it comes to rodents. He comments how rodent behavior in London has changed following the Covid-19 lock-down, saying he now sees far more rats in broad daylight searching for food. “Hunger will cause animals to do crazy things. However, it’s really nice, for once, to actually see your enemy,” he explains.

Quizzed on how his relationship with clients may have changed during the pandemic, Mark comments on how communication is key. “Each client gets personal service, so you build a level of trust. You are then recognised as the pest control expert.”

Asked how his regime has had to change, he says: “A good person will adapt to change. You have to learn to cope. But service mustn’t slip”

He is quick to credit the British Pest Control Association who has played a vital part in the current crisis – particularly for all its work ensuring pest controllers gained key worker status and for all their guidance documents.

Well done Mark. We are sure we hear from you again in the future.